First diy speed issue

So I got my board running. Makerx dv6s 190kv 6368 motors 12s8p. 75 a motor current max battery current 65a. . Is there a spot on vesc tool for speed. Mine won’t go over 26. 66t 150wheels. Shouldn’t 30-35 b possible. 26 seems slow for hi mode. I already bricked one esc and know just enough to somehow brick another one that’s already configured. Thnx for any help.

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got 18T motor pulley?


You’ll need to change gearing. Either larger motor pinion or smaller wheel pulley. Or get higher kv motors. Or larger tyres. Or higher voltage battery. Or a combo of the above haha


But don’t you dare mention field weakening :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I read about it but seems unstable and unpredictable still. So no, wont recommend that :+1:

That makes total sense. I’ve got some 45t pullys to throw on. I appreciate all the help. It’s all making sense now. Now I get to play with the gears and get to know the new ride :slight_smile: I’m glad I learned how to do this. Should be an ez motor upgrade in the future.

That makes sense. I’m definitely gonna play around with the gears. I’m realizing Gettin it dialed in is part of the addiction. :joy: :pray: