First Build with single motor - Range is key

Hello, I am newish to the electric skateboard scene and already own a Yuneec E-GO 2 but realized I definitely want something more and decided I might try to build my own. So I have done research and have come up with a board which I believe to be compatible and reliable. I am planning on using this for much of my commuting. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you know of any place I can get a similar part for less price that would be excellent. Thank you.

Controller: ($60)

ESC: ($85)

Battery + enclosure + BMS: ($450)

Motor mount + mechanical: ($107)

Motor: ($90)

Wheels: ($80)

Trucks: ($60)

Board: ($150)

Bearings: ($17)

I will also be getting 1/4" risers as long as I stick with the board to prevent battery being literally on the ground. The board will be single motor. I am not in love with the overall cost of the board and would like it to be sub $800 not including board, trucks, wheels, and bearings if possible. However, I would like it to be reliable with long range and good top speed. Once again any input is fantastic. Thanks

Single 6355 is pretty weak you will have to carry it whenever you see any slope.

Got it, thank you, will a 6374 do me any better?


I have never used single 6374 but people say single 6374 has similar performance of dual 6355.

Personally I don’t like single setup.

The Torqueboards 6380 was really powerful in single drive, I could get up pretty much any hill I found, and many were steep(around 20-30 percent grade). However, this might have been because I only weigh 140lbs, and it was winter so with the 0-20 degree weather I didn’t need to worry about the motor overheating.

Thank you, I think I would choose the 6380 due to the minimal price increase as opposed to making it a dual. What would I do to swap a lower top speed for longer range. After putting the statistics into the calculator I’ve found the top speed would be 30 mph and range to be 16 miles after switching to 12s2p (brings the price down) or is battery the only way to keep the range up?

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Yeah, battery and ride style/terran is gonna determine your range. not so much the gearing.

If you’re looking to lower what you’re spending, find a used deck, maybe try buying wheels/ mounts/pulleys used from a another member here. But don’t cheap out on the battery. You’ll regret it.


You could do 12s2p but I’d go 4p cuz then you get 20+ miles (assuming you’re just cruising) easy and no range anxiety. Gearing isn’t super important or efficiency like @skunk said but if you go above 30 the energy required to overcome the wind goes up a lot. So in conclusion bigger battery keep speed under 30 (if you don’t need the speed gear to about 25 especially if you aren’t super comfortable at high speed).

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Okay, sounds good, thank you all very much for the input

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Do you have big hills around? Keep in mind that the 4.12 will overheat in a long hill and the board will lose a lot of power as it heats up, sometimes all o it and stop, so a bigger motor doesn’t help that much

Single drive makes a decent board, but dual is way more fun to ride if that’s what you are after

I live in NYC so there aren’t really any long uphills, I’m mainly looking to just commute on it, and have a little fun

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One thing you can do initially is plan for two motors but only put one initially, just make sure you got space for a second VESC and that you can actually fit two motors


It might be similar when both drives are at 12mph cause anything below that, single drive 6374 will slip (wheel slip)

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I still have a board with a single 6374 from aps, 170kv. I weigh 175 lbs and run it on 93mm wheels on a 10s setup and it gets me up any hill, just not from a dead stop. There is some wheel slip occasionally when trying to accelerate hard.

I’d say single 6374 is more similar to dual 5045 or dual 5065

Also, single 6374 is more than adequate. Half my boards are single 6374. Though I’d prefer dual 5045 over that for reliability reasons.


Get instead 2RS industrial bearings. You get more bearings for same price. Look on ebay for that.

I love my single drive 6374 build! It only slips if i accelerate while turning hard and gets my up to speed no problem, though not as quick as my dual motor builds. The free-roll of a single drive is also a good perk.

i think a single gear drive on a street board has potential for huge range :slight_smile:

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