First build questions- Mountainboard based on MBS DW II

I am starting to get the parts together for an off road build and have a few questions about some of the parts I am choosing. I want a real offroad capable board that can handle rough terrain and small jumps. I would want torque over top speed, maybe 30 MPH tops, and around 15 miles of range.

Stormcore 60D

Waiting to buy:
trucks and wheels - Matrix 2 trucks with Rockstar wheels and 8 inch tires
bindings - MBS F5
Drivetrain - Boardnamics M1-AT BN6384 Drivetrain Kit - 170kv?
Remote - Hoyt St Puck
battery 12s2p /charger - MBoards 12s2p Complete Battery Solution

Is the above list missing anything other than connectors and other odds and ends?
Is there any advantage to having a battery custom built over getting one from MBoards?

I’m a little confused about choosing the gear ratios and the motor kv. Playing around with the calculator (and assuming I just plug the number of teeth on the gears in the section for motor and wheel pulleys) it seems I can get around the same range/top speed with various combinations of gear ratios and motor kv
so would I want a larger motor gear at 140kv or a smaller motor gear at 170kv if they both got me the end result of 30 mph top end and 15 mile range? I assume the lower kv would mean it would run cooler but are there other pros’s and con’s with choosing different kv’s?

Thanks for any help with this.

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These all seem like solid parts except for the battery. Mboards’ quality is questionable and it’s not a very big pack. You may want to look into a top-mount battery from a known battery builder on this forum. I’m actually planning a very similar build with the same remote, ESC, and drivetrain, so good to see others choosing these options too.

You probably want something more like a 12s4p p42a battery.


Generally the lower the kv, the more torquey the motor is. 140-170 kv is a good range for a mountainboard but you have to consider the gearing as well. That set up from boardnamics has 3 ratios to choose from.

Pop those in to the calculator at the top of the page along with the different motor kvs to see what gets you the top speed you want. For consumption, I use about 20wh/km and am pretty light at 155 lbs.

8" tires and mtbs chew up battery so splurge on the battery is you can. Nothing is worse than having an awesome ride and starting to feel your voltage sag. I’d love to see a 12s4p in there.

Oh boy… Steer clear of mboard packs please. The price is so nice because they’re poorly made.

There’s an entire thread devoted to hating them but you lost regular status so it’s hidden to you.

Hope to shred trails with you one day when I’m passing through NC on my way to the obx :call_me_hand:


I have never seen a Mboards battery but I have heard the horrors… if you do need a battery I can squeeze you in🤙🏻

Thanks for all of the info, your build looks fantastic! What you and AviatorEsk8er said about getting a bigger battery makes sense (as well as avoiding MBoards) and I will be messaging TheRef to inquire about having one built. Then I guess its waiting for the trucks and drivetrain to be back in stock and I can start building!


@TheRef has good prices and his batteries look good. Haven’t gotten one from him yet but they look solid.

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Hi man. Iam also started purchasing parts on similar build. Unfortunately my mbs pro complet is on way from China longer than 1month and it looks that in good case I will wait next month due to COVID situation. Iam preferre 140kv motors because you can use smaller gears . Iam planning to use chain so gear dimensions is for me very important. So if torque is for You more than speed, go to low kv. In case that You would like to increase speed, just change wheel pulley for smaller and motor pulley to bigger. And you will have still enought clearence from road to belt/chain.

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Agreed. Much cheaper to buy 2 new pulleys than 2 new motors.

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