First Build: Need to Pick a Deck and I need Help

Alright this is my first post, and first build ive been lurking on here for a long time, but i still dont really have the hang of everything so, I’m sorry if im messing something up. NOw thats out of thew way, the scene, I’m trying to make a 4wd Monster.

To do this:

I have ordered 4 of Hummie’s Hub motors as the muscle,

I’m having a 12S4P battery made with samsung 30Q cells for the Power,

I have two dual Fsescs (flipsky’s Version of VSecs), as the brains,

Now for the body of the board, the Deck, I am stuck between two and a half Excellent Board options.

The first option for the board that I have is the Land Cruiser carbon Fiber Deck from boundmotor. the link is here:

The second option I have is the most expensive option of the bunch, but its the 46 inch Bioboards Deck with enclosure, the link is here:

And the last option, is half an option really, but its to try to get a Hummie Deck and try to make my own enclosure.

Between these three excellent boards, what do you guys think? Which direction should I set my sights towards?


You have great deck choices here. All will do the job.

Boundmotor deck will fit your battery nicely and you will have plenty of room for electronics

Bioboards deck is MASSIVE!! it will fit like 3 of your batteries, so plenty of room to grow

Hummie is a classic and there are some nice enclosure available from @BigBen and @eBoosted for it, might be cool to keep it all Hummie!


You’ll probably need a significant amount of riser to make the bio deck work and in all it seems a bit overkill for your build.

The boundmotor deck looks like a solid option as a good to go kit.

The hummie with a diy enclosure will probably be the most work, but making your own enclosure can be super rewarding (and mega frustrating/painful/expensive)