First Build: G8rSk8 | Dual 6369 | 10s5p | Rocket Hollow Deck | TB 218 | Six Shooters

Being a UofF Alum a Gator themed board was mandatory for my first build. Specs:

Deck: Rocket Hollow Core @evoheyax

Trucks: Torqueboards 218s @torqueboards

Wheels: Psychotiller six shooters @Psychotiller

Motor Mounts: Torqueboards reverse mounts @torqueboards

Motors: Maytech 6369s 200KV @Psychotiller

Battery: 10s5p Samsung 30q @thisguyhere

VESCs: Vesc6+ @Trampa

Remote: Hoyt Puck

Telemetry: Metr Pro @rpasichnyk @hexakopter

I stained the top Gator orange added the Gators logo and glass frit, finished off with Minwax spar varnish.

I skinned the bottom with blue/black Kevlar/CF cloth. The blue is a little dark and hard to see in pics, but shows up nicely in sunlight.

I painted and clear coated the TB128s and SixShooters.

First charge before all the electronics were secured.

It’s alive.

Thanks for all the unbelievable information on this great site. This is a fantastic resource for any DIYers.


Looks fantastic dude. Quite a professional job. Did the deck retain any flex? (Sorry if you said it, I can’t actually read, I just look at the pictures)


No flex, but it didn’t have any to begin with. :grinning:

That’s what the air in your wheels is for :call_me_hand:t3:

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Great job. Looks awesome!

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Finishing touch…