First Build for Commuting | Single Drive 6374 | 10s3p | Advice Wanted

Hello all!

This is an idea for my very first E-Board as well as my very first post in this community. The fall semester for my university is coming up and I would like something to ride around through campus as well as to have fun while visiting places throughout the city.

I already have a Coyote deck from Loaded and decided to use it because it’s convenient for portability. Here’s what I came up with from my time looking at similar builds:

Build + Price Breakdown:

  • Loaded Coyote Deck - $92.00
  • @eBoosted Loaded Coyote Enclosure - $125.00
  • Caliber II Trucks - $59.95
  • Samsung 35E 10S3P (from the Meepo Classic V2) - $250.00
  • Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20 - $79.00
  • Flipsky VX1 - $49.00
  • @Boardnamics Caliber II 63mm Motor Mount - $24.99
  • 15T HTD5 15mm Motor Pulley - (3D printed)
  • 36T ABEC 11 Wheel Pulley - $39.99
  • 315mm Motor Belt - $2.00
  • Flipsky 6374 190kv Battle Hardened Motor - $92.00
  • 90mm ABEC 11 Clone Wheels - $29.98
  • Loop Key Wires + Connectors - $14.99
    Total Cost: $859.89

I do not want to go past 900$ with this build however, I fear that I may not be optimizing my build with my choices within this budget. My biggest concern is my battery choice, it was a pain to narrow this specific model down and it feels like no vendors are selling batteries in general. That or I have no idea where to look for other options, (which I do not :-:).

I’ve also seen warnings against Flipsky VESCs from some users and wanted to opt-in for a Torque6 but as of now, it’s the only thing that I can see that is currently available within my preferred price range for the entire build.

If anyone has any second opinions to share I would greatly appreciate it!


Use a Zenith or a Focbox Unity, you will most likely blow that flipsky ESC sometime and that will cost more to replace.

Try to get a 12s4p, it’ll fit under the enclosure and your board will have more range and will give you way way more fun to ride


If you’re not set on ABEC, get a kegel pulley and 90mm ollin popoca wheels. Abec clones usually are hard as bricks.


This times 3.5.


Can also recommend popocas, some of the most comfortable 90mm wheels I’ve ridden

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Yup, or a set of Senor Pepes if you can find them.

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Or just a used set of kegels or caguamas. Popular wheel, so easy to snag for cheap.

Also unless you weigh less than 60kg, I recommend getting Boardnamics hangers. Because:

  1. caliber hangers bend under load, and then your mounts aren’t aligned, and you get scraping / sideways motor load, aka just leads to more problems for you to fix
  2. standard caliber hangers don’t have an axle long enough for pulleys with an integrated bearing (as opposed to bolt on pulleys, which are very easy to misalign, making them a small pita)

I have some used blue cags I’m probably be willing to part with. Good condition too.

Edit: I’ll have to check the size but I also have some spare belts lying around. And a 12s3p. And… Other stuff. Lmao. Honestly I have pretty much your entire build plan sitting around…

Edit again: top of my head, I’m at work lol, I’ve got some used calibers(but agree that bn hangers are better) some boosted baseplates that also fit bn/calibers, a set of blue cags, and probably whatever belts and connectors. Message me if you’re interested in any of that stuff and I can probably save you a couple bucks so you can get a decent esc.


single motor build dude

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In that case get a stormcore 100 single.

um how many of those exist in the wild?


No idea.

Lacroix decided not to move forward with the stormcore singles but I’m sure they’ll look back into it sometime soon, not a great recommendation for this build though. I’d go MakerX mini-foc plus or trampa mk6.

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I’ll help you out with a battery if you need one. I’ll even give you a first build discount.

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^^do that and buy my cags and calibers. Someone give this dude a hundred dollar unity and he’s good to go.

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Oh thanks for the info. I have also heard good things about the makerx!

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