First build and doing some things differently


So, after having looked into the whole “building-an-esk8”-thing, gathering inspiration from different places (many from here) and making some decisions, I started ordering parts for my first build. As you will see, I am taking a few different approaches…

To start things off, I am going for a Landyachtz Evo 40 Deck, as it is a pretty thick and stable deck with a big drop. I will replace the grip take with the Onsra Hexagonal Grip tape tiles, both for looks and for some minor cushioning.

In the front I am using a waterborne surfskate adapter - not just for surfskating, but also to improve turning capabilities (you will see why in a moment). I am considering getting a longboard bracket if the front gets too high compared to the rear, but at this stage I doubt it will. To even out the wedge on of the board (surfboard adaptor won’t work with wedged boards), I am using a de-wedged riser. I am using these [Diy Skateboard Frühling Hinten stoßdämpfer brücke Skateboard Lkw Suspension Brücke 8 zoll Lange Bord Lkw Suspension Frühling|Skate Board| - AliExpress] suspension trucks and 8" pneumativ wheels.

I actually came to the whole esk8 topic by finding an image of a 3sk8 and wanted to build one eversince. Since I thought it would be really difficult, I thought about going the “normal” route, but after some frustration due to hangar/motor size and stuff, I decided not to go with the classical approach and go with my original idea of a 3sk8 setup. So, for the rear I am using a custom-CNC’d 90° bracket to mount the rear part (fender, suspension, wheel mount) of this (For boyueda 11 inch electric scooter dual-shock absorber front fork frame aluminum alloy high strength electric scooter accessories Sale - The motor I am using will be custom made by UU Motor. I am still waiting on the exact specs, but it will be a 600W (I would not be allowed to ride anything higher power here) with 60ish Volts with a max speed of 25km/h (again, any faster would be illegal), with as a high a torque as possible (as I am heavy and live on top of a hill).

Since these trike-setups are relying on the tilting of the rear wheel to turn (akin to a motorbike), their turning radius is often not great. I am hoping to circumvent this by using a surfskate adapter at the front. We’ll see how this goes.

In terms of electronics:
For the battery I am using this (when it comes out): with a 3D printed “socket”. The battery is a 15S battery, so I needed an ESC that can pack quite a punch. I am going for a flipsky 7550 with the flipsky anti spark switch.
I am encasing the ESC with the switch, bluetooth module and Remote control module with a 3D printed case. The remote will be a flipsky VX3 btw.

I am considering adding a disc brake to the rear wheel. All the fixtures are there and I am thinking about using a servo to “pull the lever”, controlled by a seperate RC and maybe running it on a seperate circuit entirely, so if my main circuit fails for any reason, I can still operate that brake.

I have ordered most parts, many of them from china, so it will take a while for them to come. In the meantime I am trying to learn to (surf)skate and actually find it a lot more difficult than I thought =(

I will post pictures of the components and the stages of the board as I build it and let you know about any difficulties and lessons learned =)


As more and more parts come in, I am seriously reconsidering the Landyachtz deck.

What do you think - should I go with a trampa instead? (35° 9/73 TRAMPA BigBoi 2WD-E WING Deck)

It would pose the problem of fitting a surfskate adapter to a mountainboard deck, but luckily there is an adapter for this, made by 3dservisas (which usually serves the opposite - installing trampa trucks on normal boards, but it would work either way by just flipping it): FatBoy 30 or 35º Solid Riser adapter V3 for Trampa, MBS, Longboard tru – 3DServisas

As for why I cling to the surf adapter: As I said, 3sk8-setups have the issue of large turning circles, which I try to circumvent by using that surfskate adapter.

So, quick update and a question concerning battery:

I am using this motor:
11 zoll abgenommen rim 60v 72v fett air reifen off road 3000w hub motor für elektrische roller|Tool Parts| - AliExpress, which runs at 60V.

I am using a multitool battery (or rather several ones) for my build.
At first I thought about using Dewalt Flexvolts, the soon to be released 15Ah version, which is 5Ah of 60ish Volt ( - two of them in parallel.

But then I found this:
56 Volts (well, the 60V flexvolt actually works at 54 to be exact, so not really a downgrade), 10Ah, looks cool AF and is cheaper for the amount of Wh!

So finally the third contestant is two Ryobi batteries in series: As far as I understand, that motor can run up to 72V. Which means I should be able to use two of those (40V 7.5AH BATTERY - RYOBI Tools) in series.

Personally, at this point I am very much leaning towards the Ego Power Plus battery, but I would really appreciate your input!

I’d personally skip power tool batteries entirely. They’re often overrated in terms of actual specs, may use suboptimal cells for our purposes, and are quite expensive for what they are (tool companies make most of the profit from the battery, not the tool itself). With an actual pack, you will have better control of what cells are actually in the battery, as well as avoid all the protection circuits and whatnot built into the tool batteries.

If you’re looking for budget power, it might be worth considering LiPo pouch cells. You can get 6S 12Ah batteries for $112, and they will blow any tool battery out of the water in terms of performance.

Good video showcasing a couple of tool batteries with tests and teardowns.


I was wondering is I could get some advice. I am NO engineer. I gave EGO lawn tools and batteries. I tried swapping my EGO Battery on a $650 electric car and I cooked it.

Now I have a skateboard and want to try the same thing. But, I would prefer not to cook it! Any pointers? I am attaching the current battery Specs as well as the EGO battery I am wanting to use. Nice thing is that I have two thin ones like this so I can keep an extra in my backpack and just swap it when I run out of juice. But, I think I need a component to adjust the power. This is meant for a weedwacker/hedge trimmer. And I want to use it to Power my Long Board!

Please teach me OB1!

Well, I mean Ego power plus has released a minibike, so using their batteries can absolutely work (ttps://
I have recently taken working on that board back up and will hopefully finish it by the end of the year.
I think if your motor, ESC and battery match, this shouldn’t be an issue.