First Build - all support is welcome :-)

Hi all

I really feel the urge to finally build myself an electric skateboard. I have already built drones – but to construct a vehicle you can actually ride is definitely new for me. So I need your help.

For a newcomer to this hobby, the marked is a bit overwhelming. I could find some components, but I am quite sure that they don’t all match together. Plus, the build like I “designed” it is still a bit too expensive for me. So please, let me know what you think and what I can improve.

The goal is to have an electric skateboard with hub motors (and replaceable wheels), capable of going at least 35 kmh (20 mah) and 30km (20m) of range. It should be able to drive uphill – let’s say 20°. This while I’m on it with my (drone-)backpack – total 90kg.

This is what I have come up by now. I don’t plan to build this – I only post this to give you an idea of my lack of knowledge in this hobby…


BLDC Hubmotor Longboard Set

Motor 8350 KV: 67 Leistung 2000W Max AMP: 50 ESC: 100A Max Volt 12S No Load Current: 0.4 A Größe: 83x50 Inhalt: Hinterachse komplett mit zwei…

ESC (2x):

US $50.96 25% OFF|HGLRC FLIPSKY FSESC 50A V4.12 ESC Electronic Speed Control…

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!


DIY Electric Skateboard

12S4P Electric Skateboard Battery EPOWER Pack (Samsung 30Q)

All In One Integrated Electric Skateboard Battery Pack, Simple & Fast One Plug Charging. 12S4P Battery Configuration 532.8wh!

Price: USD 450.00

Deck: tbd

Cover: tbd

Remote & Reciever: tbd

What components would you recommend?

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Not really. Chinese prebuilts is all you got in that price range.
Unless you pick up used parts for firesale prices.


Hi @tipsy
Thanks - good to know I will have to invest more for a proper build.
I deleted that line. Priority at the moment is to find the right components for my build :slight_smile:

That pack is good but is quite thick and hard to work with. Get a pack built for you.

Start with a deck + enclosure, and work from there. A lot easier to get internals that fit the enclosure and deck that you like than vice versa. @eBoosted and @BigBen make excellent enclosures.

Scrap those hubs. Any reason why you want hubs in particular? Hubs just aren’t good.


Thanks, I will check out @eBoosted and @BigBen as soon as possible.

I chose Hubs because they are more stealth, less prone to damage and give the ability to push the board if the battery dies one day.
Are belt drives so much better?

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Hubs are more prone to damage. Thin layer of urethane between the magnets & stator where as belts are far off the ground with thick layer of urethane absorbing the vibrations.

Parts are also easier and cheaper to replace for a belt system whereas with a hub you’re fucked.

Can always take off the belt and then you’ll have no resistance to push :^)


whoo nelly you had me there for a second


I concur if you ever compare hubs with belt systems, it’s like like comparing Hyundai Tucson vs a Porsche Cayenne turbo

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@pundahh @eBoosted

Ok I realize that I might change my mind then and consider belt drives instead :slight_smile:

Do you already have a solid motor / belt / set in mind? Then I would start my research from there…


Don’t forget chains. Hummie Hubs. Legal situation in DE…


yeah what ^ said. maybe cause of legal situations you may have to opt for hubs. in that case hummie or bust :stuck_out_tongue:

torqueboard and haggyboards have a nice set. or piece together parts yourself (mounts, truck, motors, pulleys).

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I’ve now tried to find a “shop” for the hummie motors but all I can find is the kickstarter page and an almost empty webpage…
Is there something more to take a closer look at it?

I was wondering if the goal: 35 kmh; 35km range and 20° inclination is reachable with hubs or if I am required to go for a belt drive to reach the goal…?

for the belt drive: I have seen torqueboards 299$ set before and somehow like it…

You already gave me references for the enclosures. Do you know any awesome site for decks? I am looking for a pin tail deck - it should be a neutral, classy design but not boring… I struggle to find a deck that fits my taste online :wink:

yeah that kit comes with everything but the motors.

thats do-able with hubs, but they’ll heat up much quicker than belt counterparts.

i’m not a pin-tail guy myself… kick tail is small and i don’t like the shape so I can’t help you there. my choice is to look at the enclosures already made and pick a deck so they are a perfect fit for each other.

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Unless you’re really comfortable doing modifications or full diy to make something fit I would highly suggest picking a deck and enclosure combination that are meant for each other.

I’ve lost count of how many builds I’ve seen come to a dead stop just trying to figure out an enclosure to fit a deck after all the other components have been purchased.


^ this, alot.

@BigBen makes affordable enclosures for a pretty wide range of boards, you should check out his Instagram for the different products he carries:

An important thing to think about when choosing a deck / enclosure, is the battery. Will you have enough room for that Torqueboards battery? If not youve got to think about the size of the pack, the power you’ll need, and what range is acceptable to you.

Feel free to ask here about everything, but especially battery stuff. Its tricky for a beginner


@pundahh I did contact hummie. He currently does not sell any motors. Which leaves me with “bust”. But I could not find “bust” anywhere. Do you have a webpage or a contact?

Do you guys know a hub kit I could consider? I cannot find a proper hub kit including the cover like I do for belt drives.

are you in germany?

if so i would really suggest to cut back a bit on specs and consider a full stealth approach, something like this

more hassle to get right, but less of a chance to get your board confiscated


Actually I think its the other way round, you don’t need to take care of the enclosure and assembly is usually a lot easier. But I’m a fan of integrated decks anyway :smiley:
Maybe direct drives are an option? They are not as stealth as the hub motors but have less heat problems and you can use full urethane compared to those thin sleeves.
I’ve never seen those Hubs from Kais store used anywhere so I have no idea what they’re capable of. I got some hummie hubs fortunately and I love them. I had only one opportunity to ride a belt drive board but I preferred my hummies by far.
I’m currently waiting for the neoHubs which I’ll use for a lightweight street deck build, hopefully they’ll be good but noone had the opportunity to test them yet.

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The Hubmotors you linked are similar to Maytech Hubmotors, those were my first motors to get me into DIY, I would not recommend them. The motors sold by Meepo are cheaper and better if you want to go the cheap Hubmotor route.
Hubmotors paired with Vesc based ESC’S will get you up a 20° hill, the biggest downside is comfort, with Hubmotors you feel all the vibrations of the road.

This are some vendors within EU who are selling parts and bits.
For batteries, I think @Acido is building custom batteries in the EU.


Thanks for the mention, yes I do if your interested just pm me :slight_smile: