First build | 6384 170kV | 10s3p | MBS All terrain - Need advice

Hello! Decided to build my own esk8 and discovered this forum. Firstly I am enourmously grateful for this community with so many resources on building. From the resources here I managed to come up with this build:

Deck - Vanguard Loaded
Trucks - Caliber Trucks 2
Wheels - MBS All terrain 100mm
Wheel bearings - Bones S Reds
Motor mount - CNC motor mount
Motor pulley - 15T 16mm 10x9 D shaped bore
Wheel pulley - 44T 17mm
Belt - 315mm
Motor - Dickyho’s 170kV 6384
Remote - Flipsky VX1
Battery - 10s3p Li-on Vtc6
VESC - Flipsky 4.12 or 4.20
BMS - not decided
Charger - not decided

Although I have some questions:

  1. What torque is considered “enough”? I am worried that 100mm wheels will have little torque and from calculators it gives 13 Nm of torque. Would this be enough to have fun weighing 170 lbs?
  2. Should I buy flipsky 4.12 or 4.20 mini? What’s the difference?
  3. How to choose BMS Amp rating?
  4. Can the 6384 motor be too big for mounting or too powerful for VESC?

Will this build work decently on a budget or have I missed something? Thank you!!


First of all that sounds like promising build, although i would recommend using the vangaurd for offroading as for my personal likes it is too thin, nmow for ur question:

  1. 13Nm of torque is more than enough when u know the fact that popular offroad boards throw u off the board while accelerating while having half of ur torque

  2. I would recommend getting the 4.20 as the 4.20 is an upgraded version of the v4.12

  3. You choose the bms amp rating based on how many max amps your battery delievers, and in ur case the VTC6 give out 20a max (lets say 25a max for calculation purposes) and then multiplie that by the number of Ps in ur battery so 25a*3= 75a so a 75a max bms would be a sweet spot (of course higher is better to be safe) i would recommend this bms, it is really great and my friends and I already tested it on 4 mountain boards without having a single problem:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

  4. dont worry you can never go too big with motors, hell some guys on here are rocking 80100 motors with no problems

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Nice parts list. I would suggest you look into wheel options a bit more. These are generally out of favor due to the small contact patch.


Thanks!!! I will have vanguard shaped custom made deck with additional plys for stiffness.

For 4.20 - I heard that 4.20 minis have reliability problems?

Also, thanks for BMS, does this offer charge balancing as well?

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I initialy wanted to go with ABEC clones but read that it will be nightmare on rough pavements. I live in eastern europe so roads are not as smooth as I wish them to be.

Kind of not a mountain board here but “All purpose” one.

If you had posted this two weeks ago, I would have strongly suggested going with Foamies/iWonder Clouds, but QC problems have made those an iffy choice at best.

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yea if it is custom shapped then it wont be a problem

yea reliability problems when they are so much under load, but for ur purpose it wont be. If u are still unsure then u can go with the dual MakerX 4.12 esc

Yea it balances too

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