first battery build process going....welds ok?

I used a Maletrics spot welder at a seeting of 20-21 for these welds. Your expert thoughts?

One issue I missed was soldering the main positive and negative wires onto the nickel strips before I spotwelded the last couple of packs…Will I end up putting to much heat onto the niockel and transfering it into the cells? Can I put some fish paper or insulation under the tabs/above the side of the cell packs for these heavier solder instances? I have seen youtube videos where people didn’t take the precaution of solder to the nickel for main power wires coming out of the pack, am I being paranoid about the heat transfer?

thanks for your thoughts/comments!

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They look a bit hot but its fine overall. Turn your welder town a teeny bit and you’ll b cookin


And watch the center welds on those negative ends. But pretty nice first effort!



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