FIRESAK fireproof bag for charging big esk8s from GingerOnWheels

So ginger needed to test fit and get glamour shots of his prototype FIRESAK and we put my chonky street bro in it it’s big and can fit all my boards. It has shoulder straps and easily slings around a 45lb board. Metal zipper, double reinforced stitching, blowholes for pressure relief and probably other things I’m forgetting

Have tested fitting:
Street bro
Mountain bro
Hoyt EL1
Boosted V2
Hoyt booger

Measures 44x17x9"

If you have questions holler, I’ll try to answer or ask ginger


We need to see it burn


Mario will be getting a production bag to blow up


This is the way.


Is it Mario approved? These things need a “Mario seal of approval” to be classified as useful


Those small square holes are for releasing out pressure I assume?

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Yes! Exactly


Tag me when bag go boom

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Here is the first prototype for EUC, some changes were made


This is production EUC bag. This video has good booms


Had a quick look on their website and couldn’t find any info on how much big of a battery I can „safe“ store in those.
Would be nice to have something like
„not recommended to use with batteries bigger XYkWh“ in the description.
According to the YT video those bags look pretty promising, but I guess they have their limits as well.


I’m impressed!

What’s the max temperature seen under the bag during a test like that? My only concern is that enough heat is escaping the bag to cause damage to the surface it was resting on and, possibly, ignite something that was fairly flammable. Unlikely but it all depends on the external bag temp.

It adds cost and weight but it would have been great to have a layer of rigid material sewn in on the bottom for added insulation to prevent damage to the surface the bag was resting on. Just a wish-list type thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cheesenrice, this guy needs wayyyy more (any) safety protections. For a guy testing a safety product, he sure is lax about his own personal safety.

Like… at least get a longer stick. And don’t look directly at the fire while saying things like “there’s no way all those cells exploded yet!”

Or point out the toxic gasses while standing less than 10 ft away… without a mask

But YouTuber aside, the performance of the bag was quite impressive!

I echo @Battery_Mooch - I’m trying to imagine where you could practically store/use this so nothing flammable was below or to the sides of it. Center of the garage is ideal, but no one will do that. No carpeted areas. Those flames shooting out the ports will surely melt anything nearby. Maybe outdoors? Maybe a metal storage shed?

Definitely better than no bag, but it bears some careful planning.

They could use some giant warning labels around the vents to the effect of “POINT AWAY FROM WALL” or “DON’T BLOCK”


Wondering if there’s been any development on the eskate bags at all? I’ve noticed the EUC bags available on the website. The EUC bag test video has me sold!


I think:

  1. no, there was not enough interest for him to pursue the esk8 bag

  2. I think he may have even backed out of the EUC thing, I think some jerks put a super modified eus with a ginormous aftermarket battery that also went in to a body of water… Then they put in the bag and it blew up. They talked much shit and made it sound unsafe

The store checkout appears to be broken.
I emailed yesterday asking about it, i had thought it might be down due to the banking issues. Are you saying he’s stopped selling?

I’m not 100% sure, I’ll ask and let you know

Never mind paypal just worked.
I suspect it was the svb. Causing the issue over the weekend.

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Yeah, that’s the video