Firefly Remote + Receiver (unfinished) | EU

I have a firefly remote to sell, which I disassembled because some solder joints were dead. Connections really were not that great. I made a PCB for the receiver (picture below). The remote has three screws, of which one doesn’t hold together anymore, since it was overtightened causing the screw to loose its “grip”, could be glued together.
As I’m writing this, the remote works fine, but I can’t guarantee that everything works when you buy it. Mechanical parts work flawlessly, battery charging does work without any issues whatsoever. Software is uploaded to both modules, but somehow they’re not connected yet. I can throw in another receiver PCB if you want one for any reason. I hope someone can finish this or at least use the parts :slight_smile:

400 mAh lipo battery
1 x arduino Nano
0.91 OLED display
Hall sensor
2 magnets
Deadman switch
Not so beautiful enclosure

You need:
A new enclosure and an arduino nano, plus some wire



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Just throw in one :slight_smile:
Don’t really know how much I should sell it for…
Parts alone are around 20 Euro worth I think…

But yeah, just throw in a price, I’m happy if someone completes this baby

Will you ship to the US?

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Probably doesn’t make sense, shipping would be more than price of the parts :slight_smile:
I would not recommend it to you :sweat_smile:

But yeah, I could

Well, I’m in Northern Ohio, so if its not to much trouble, if you could get a shipping quote to me that would be great. And if its not absolutely terrible I’d definitely still be interested.

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I would prefer DHL they have listed an offer for 17 USD
but when clicking next they only allow big packages right now… Like 100cm x 60cm x … and charge 35 USD for that
I will ask them on Monday, its 00:34 am sunday here.

As said:
There’s a short between GND and RST… Some wire or too much solder. Will look into it tomorrow.
With that, the random resets can be explained… They should be gone after resolving this.
The only thing left to do then is to somehow pair the receiver and remote.

Oh yeah, I’ll put the receiver in the package too of course.

Sorry mate you gotta have a base price listed in your post with your pictures or the mods will lock the thread until that has been done.



Yeah 35 is a bit steeper than 17. If it can be fixed when you ask the shipping company Monday that would make me feel better. If you could let me know what they say I’d appreciate that and if you have an estimated delivery time right now that would also be great. Thanks

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Alright, I’ll see what I can do!
I disassembled the remote since I wanted to find out what’s wrong, and turns out it was the Arduino nano - what parts do you need from the remote?

I’d like all of the parts, I can fix and mod what I need to. And if you have any extra parts for it that would be great to if not it makes total sense to me. And it can be shipped assembled or disassembled it doesn’t matter which.

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Alright, I’ll put the enclosure in if you want me to, but I would really advise you to print a new one for a clean start of you build. Also, I could make the package even smaller then. I’ll get back to you when I have more information on the available package sizes :slight_smile:
I would send you everything you need minus one arduino nano (i can send the second one too but it’s fried^^ you need to replace the diode I think).
So you get

  • really torn down enclosure where I used my soldering iron to cut the plastic
  • OLED 128 x 32
  • Hall sensor
  • Power switch
  • Dead Man switch
  • NRF24L01+
  • Lipo charger TP4056
  • 3V3 to 5V converter
  • some wires, more would be good to have

And the receiver:

  • PCB (one soldered with parts, one without)

PCB parts:

  • Arduino Nano
  • NRF24L01+

Yeah you don’t have to send the enclosure with it. The rest sounds good to me though.

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Any updates?

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Sorry, I’ve been busy since Im having a lot of exams.
I’ll call them tomorrow :slight_smile: fingers crossed!

No worries. I do have a suggestion I don’t know if it would work or not but I’m assuming the parts alone are pretty light so would sandwiching them in packing material and mailing it in an envelope be viable for you. Kinda like the Amazon packing envelopes. It might be cheaper to ship it. I don’t know if that would work just thought I’d throw it out there

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sorry to be pushy but do you have any updates?

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Yes, but no good ones :frowning:
Due to corona they charge 53 Eur and you can’t ship letter size packages anymore… It must be a cardboard box and the cheapest one is freaking 53 Eur.
Such a big disappointment :confused:

You’re not pushy at all, and if you are, it’s only because i need it sometimes to get sh*t done :slight_smile: