finding a replacement receiver for VX1 remote

From what I understand, most of the rc remotes will work plug and play with receivers you can buy on amazon for ~15$ like these

Since I burned my vesc and it took my receiver with it, I need a receiver that will work with my VX1 since the remote still works. Could I just use one of these cheap ones on amazon, or would I need to buy a new remote essentially?

I’ve emailed flipshit about being able to buy the receiver on its own but haven’t gotten a response yet, so still looking for solutions.

If i need a new remote… Any thoughts on good cheap remotes? lol

Just not worth to only get the receiver.


Vx1 :man_shrugging:t2:

Don’t buy the vx2

Otherwise the mini remote

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no way to use those cheap rc receivers i guess?

ill probably just get another vx1 if need to get a new remote cause sale

If i wanted a mini remote, where would I get one?

You couldn’t do that because different manufacturers use different frequency hopping spread spectrum types. The encoding and protocol are completely different for each brand. You gotta match the remote to the reciever.

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ugh, would’ve been too easy lol, thx

You can just buy the reciever for the vx1 Instead

I’m waiting for this remote right now as well as the puck vx1 n vx2. U ever use this remote??

I am using the puck as my daily driver - love it.
I have used the vx1 for a long time - liked it.

And only held the Vx2, felt very cheap in comparison. And with how many threads we have regarding problems with the vx2 I won’t ever buy one

I never had an issue with any remote til this month now I’m having issues w vx1 n vx2. So I reordered along w the nano n puck lol just in case

I used a mini remote for about 500km on one build. I only ever had one cutout when i was holding the remote in my pocket against my body. It was brief, like half a second cutout, but other than that it was fine.

I think its a decent option if you want cheap for sure.

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where? I’ve only seen them for like 20 pound / euro, so like 30$ + shipping