Finally! Mountain-board Mud-Guards **Prices Slashed!**

After several iterations of R&D and testing the product, I have a product I am happy with. This is a set of front mud guards specifically for Trampa Ultimate Trucks, and for 8” wheels (although I’m pretty certain they will work fine for 6-9” wheels as well). I’m asking $30 for each set, plus shipping to wherever you are, I am in the DC area (northern Virginia).

I’ve only made the front guards for two reasons: 1) they’re the primary reason for you being either wet/muddy after/while riding, and 2) there’s several different motor mount designs for the rear trucks that it’d be pretty difficult to come up with a universal design.

They are 3D printed (PLA 65% infill) and then sprayed with plastidip as well to help with durability. The truck mounts are CNC’d, black anodized aluminum, and both pieces are made in house. The cost is set due to inherent costs of the 3D printer/filament itself, CNC and aluminum stock, anodizing materials, and the design process. Although I will share the necessary files in the future, once I finalize the design and hopefully can make these cheaper/easier (shooting for $25-$30 sets which will be resin casted).

Currently I’m planning on modifying for a thinner mud guard to make injection molding/resin casting affordable, adding a bicycle handlebar type jig somewhere on the guard for easy light mounting solution, OR add a feature to the guards themselves for a sleek lighting solution, as well as appropriate wire routing channels depending on which route I go with.

All hardware required is included minus Allen keys for securing the bolts/grub screws.

I’m hoping to get positive feedback, in which case I’ll produce more. I can easily design a mount for other sets of trucks if you give me a profile to cut.

Also, I should mention I ride my mountainboard very aggressively, and have broken one set (printed at only 40% infill) but I was on a mountain bike trail. Both breaks were from direct impact with large rocks… so I advise not to use them if riding on similar terrain aggressively.

Prices reduced to $30 per set… as I ordered mold materials and this will reduce the time/effort significantly



How would these work with rear trucks? I understand they would serve less of the same purpose, however I am asking for esthetics.

Also do they decrease truck deflection before bite?

Look great btw!

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@Longboardshort Interested in knowing if these would fit my spring urban Carver truck (mini infinity)
I’m loving these and kinda hoping my santa will stalk me :rofl:

It looks a bit like this, but better than nothing!


Lawl @stan… and im not sure on the mini infinity trucks… could you make a drawing of the outter truck profile dimensions just before the axle?

Annd they would probably only mount on the rear trucks if it’s not an electric mountainboard… the motor mounts would likely be in the way and not allow for rear-mounting without a different mounting design.

Edit: What are some suggestions to making these more aesthetically appealing?

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Bump as prices have been drastically reduced as I am setting up for molding these rather than 3D printing each.

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do these work with trampa infinity aswell?

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Can you make a crude drawing of the cross section of the outer most part of the trucks right before the axle bolt. More or less the length and width.

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I dont have access to measurements.

If it can fit I’d reserve a pair

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How soon would you ship these?

I can see using the front set but Idk how to mount mudguards for the rear truck though (I have the DIYeboards MTB motor mount)

They are boxed and ready to ship today. These are only designed for the front trucks at the moment as there are too many different motor mounting options to create a universal mount for the rear.

Do you also sell the aluminium mounts seperate? And how much is shipping to EU?

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No those are included in the price! Pm me your address or city at least so I can find out shipping

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how much of these are you selling to make a mold for it?
IIRC those cost around $4k+ setup costs for just one mold.

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Yea I ended up making the mold myself. So they are running 30 dollars us per set with the mounts included. I’m currently on vacation until dec. 8th though and can’t send out until then.

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Can u contact me please intrester in purchasing a pair thanks

Word will do