Finally added Kaly XL2.0 to the collection

  • Upgrade in process Evolve GTX AT
  • DIY 6374 F1s
  • Kaly XL2.0
  • DIY 6374 AT
  • Teamgee H9
  • DIY 5055 83mm
  • Raldey with Evolve AT wheels

Just wanted to share the collection~


Nice dude.
hope you are able to give them all the loving they deserve!!!


you bet!

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Nice collection. Is that short deck a platform deck ?

nice collection bruh…jealous AF. lovin’ the deck with the lion on it. where do you get your 6x2s from?

what is platform deck?

thanks, I actually painted the boards you see. the 6x2 came from ebay. shipping just can take a while

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cool paint job. yeah 6*2 is something i’ll order a couple sets at a time…coming from ebay.