Finally a good deck!

Finally got a larger less stiff deck thanks to @Jbev! Thank again man. Gonna fill some holes and re-grip with some foam padding due to our crap roads out here. But should have new motors in today and slowly collecting parts to upgrade everything but what a world of a difference this DB coreflex deck makes on my trips. That and the MBS wheels.


Cool build man!

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Congrats, man. I know that feeling well. I still have a soft spot for those current motors, though.

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Yeah what makes you have a soft spot for these? Don’t know much about them other then I do enjoy the torque

Thanks man!

Initially, I liked that they come together as one finished unit, because I have struggled in the past getting the right trucks, the right mounts, the right motors with the right shaft length and type. the right motor pulley, and the right wheel pulley together in the same room.

They deliver a decent amount of performance for the price, and at least for me, i have found them to be pretty reliable.

I’ll never sell mine.


Ah yeah I can definitely see your point. I haven’t run into that problem yet but I’m also in my first states of buying things that aren’t prebuilt. So I’m guessing I’ll soon realize these issues. Belt length has been the only issues so far switching over to boardnamic motor mounts . And the small inserts that go into the motor gear seem to come loose.

Yup. It’s all that little stuff that holds you up, but it’s also the stuff that makes you learn. I have
one Boardnamics mount and waiting on delivery of another. His stuff is very nice.

Yeah, grubs screws are a pain. Using a keyway or a D-shaft pulley is a bit more secure. But if you loctite and really torque it in, you should be ok. Which trucks will you you using?

Definitely starting to notice that haha. Got plenty of bolts bearings screws nuts and all the little stuff but belts. Any recommendations on where to get a keyway? Never heard of that. Sounds more secure. And I don’t mind locktite until I have to swap or change something. Then it becomes an issue. Ive got the caliber ii 10inch trucks for it. Ones already on the front but without a belt that’ll reach the motor pulley I’m basically at a standstill right now. Also still trying to find a good abec wheel pulley to swap out for the ones the kit came with I had to file down to fit the MBS wheels. Nothing wrong with them just want something more secure

Well, to use a keyway, you need to have a motor shaft that utilizes it. You can, however, get D-type motor pulleys and sand a flat spot on the motor shafts to create more torsion resistance.

What motors are you planning to use?

Ah okay. Never heard of those either. Bought 2 propdrive 5060 270kv motors off another member that was planning to use to replace these. Haven’t found much info on them but gave me what I’d say was a good deal on them. Any thoughts?

Well, if I’m being honest, you already have those motors in your other kit. Your current drivetrain is 5055 270kv. So you will see little or no difference, sorry to say.

On the trucks you’re planning to use, the most popular choice is a pair of 190kv 6355 motors. Torqueboards is a great choice since they come with keyway shafts. With those, you would have a significant upgrade in torque.

I heard a lot of good things about those motors but saving up for a better battery first. Got that pair for about 60 bucks so not sure if they’ll be any better then what the kit already came with but I’m hoping so.

You’re not listening, man. They will not be better. They are the same thing. Everybody has to learn in their own way, I guess. Good luck with your build.

Ah shit I totally missed your reply before that. My bad man. Well… I guess in the least I’ll have a spare set of motors if anything goes wrong and a set to make another build at some time. Thanks man appreciate the info and insight

Hey man-

Sorry I was so abrupt the other day. I wasn’t in a good place and was easily frustrated. Dick move on my part.

I do hope you get something good out of the new motors. If not, please come back and me or someone who’s not an asshole can help you with your next move.

Don’t underestimate the value of this! The feeling of fixing something from ‘stock’ vs ‘oh ffs another china order required’ and waiting a month will turn you into a horder :wink:

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