Field weakening is awesome- testers needed

it just uses a bunch of amps and overdrives the phases to make an extra little but of RPM.

think 20% more amps for 10% more speed. Not accelerating faster this is for sure.

Would this mean if i have yet to reach my locked speed on rpm there is still a benifit?

Any updates on this?

No, Brian scared the he heck out of all of us :grinning:

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I havent updated my boards in a couple years, kept using field weakening…

super anecdotal, havent had any serious issues. Then again I havent really pushed my boards much the last couple years.


Who had this working on esk8?

Just upgrade your pack to a higher voltage :pray:

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Or gearing?

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well you would lose acceleration, but if you’re light enough, it should be fine

If I build a battery let’s say a 14s I’d have replace my VESC, BMS and charger.

Sounds like it’s time for an upgrade


Yeah, but if you’re coming up from 12s may as well go to 16 or 18 while you’re at it. Seems like a lot of work for an extra 7.2 volts.

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FTFY :rofl:


Did you ride it?
Just saw that you did it to all your boards.


@Skatardude10 Am curious about your experience with field weakening