FatBoy wheel pulley for Kegel 44T, 40T, 36T

Hi, I love these 3D Servisas pulleys.



@3DServisas do you plan to restock these? (edit: nope) They have been unavailable for some time now.


Would be also awesome to buy them separately for those with single drive builds :slight_smile:


At the end of July we are planning to launch their production .


The most optimal thing would be to organize a group buy. This would mean cheaper prices for everybody. 70€ (without VAT) per set or 35€ (without VAT) per single pulley + shipping. ABEC or Kegel, you choose.


Hi, I’m not interested in preorders, only in-stock products, but what is the pin diameter for the ones you’re going to produce? Are the pins 5.5mm x 20mm?

They fit really tight but they work so very well, and it’s like the only design I’ve seen where it doesn’t matter whether it’s normal core or reversed-core kegel.


I like these pulleys, they are well made, there’s no doubt about that.

My concerns are stocking, which you don’t do, and price… which is bound to your production processes and ridiculous.

So we’ll just make our own the same and get on with our lives chaps?

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@3DServisas I’m trying to put in my blackfriday order. On the web page it says

Info : ( Kegel reversed ) pins are 5.6mm⌀ x 19.5mm

But there is no pin dimensions info for the Kegel (non-reversed) pulleys. Can you add to website?

I’m guessing the difference is pin length, 19.1mm vs 19.5mm? Do the Kegel reverse pulleys fit both normal and reversed cores?

I’ve added information to the shop, the length doesn’t change, normal kegel will do, unless you use reverse core wheels.

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Ah thanks, that was fast. I have a bunch of kegel wheels, many with flipped cores, and I’m stockpiling parts for future builds (mix and match). The reverse should be okay, just a very tight fit, right?


No, I don’t think the reverse would be ok.

Today I received the normal Kegel version and is very tight with the Orangtang Kegels 80mm (I would need to use a hammer to fit the pulleys on to the wheels), not compatible at all with my Janux Hubs and perfect fit with the reverse Torqueboards 110 core.

Here I post some pictures, of those wheels with the 3dservisas Kegel pulley and others with the Evolve pulley.



That’s fine for the plastic Kegel core but won’t work with the Janux Hubs. Any idea on how to fit the 3d servisas into the Janux Hubs?

Any idea if these work with Exway Flex? I put 120mm wheels on and need to upgrade from the stock 36T pulley to 44T.

@xsynatic this can close now :slight_smile:

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