Fastest hub/dd board for max €2500

I’m done with changing belts so I’m looking for a fast board with DD or Hub motors (basically anything that isn’t belt drive)
I’ve had 10 belts rip in like 300km on my Exway Flex after making the belts as loose as possible, could try longer ones but kinda tired of it tbh and haven’t found any cheap store in EU that delivers belts to Sweden.

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Get a Raptor 2. They are very reliable.


people may not realise this is a joke

thats a bad idea
well setup belts can last 1000s of km



Loose belts might mean your pulley teeth are skipping, which damages the belts. They should be tight enough so that the pulleys don’t skip.

That being said, Onsra black carve or Onsra challenger would be the direct drive complete boards I’d recommend.


Unless you reaaally fancy the freecoasting. Geardrive>hubs


pretty much anything > hub IMO
There’s some good hub, but most of them only offer discretion and no maintenance


I’ve been consistently gettin 1800-2000km/belt when i used them, this is considering no premature fail like rocks cutting through or braking like a madman. Belts loose enough to not be under tension sitting still but tight enough to never skip


My belts are too tight and I can’t make them any looser.
I would like to never swap a belt again in my life.
Don’t wanna have to buy belts from the US and I haven’t found a single good site that delivers cheap belts to Sweden.

Everyone seems to be saying the batteries in Onsra’s boards are bad, is that bs?

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They aren’t top of the line but they aren’t the worst either. The Revel kit is great but US based customer support


Isn’t the exway flex 15mm belts? How are you breaking those. How much do you weigh? Also post some pictures of the broken belts if you have any. Maybe we can diagnose the issue.


Maybe you need slightly longer belts then, lol. Maybe the belts you’re buying are just crap?

Not bad, just disappointing they weren’t better. The cell choice is not ideal, that’s all.

Fair enough; I’m moving away from belts on my personal builds too.


Gravel and small rocks is what kills belts. you would be surprised how much crap goes through your belt drive.

Belt guards are a hit and miss really. if they cover up too much the rocks doesnt get spit out as easily. Sure you might not get as many in but the ones that do (which are quite a few they stay and mess up your belt)

In Sweden before they start cleaning up the roads after winter it is a bit of a mess. My tip would be avoid gravel like it is the devil, and try to run the board without the belt cover and see if it makes a difference.

Im getting my belts from shipping is fairly expensive so get a few while you are at it, but the belt quality are way better than the Chinese stuff!

You want to run them as loose as possible, for the lowest drag and the longest belt life. However as soon as the belt starts skipping the pulley and belt wears down stupidly fast. Belt skipping normally happens while breaking real hard, you will hear it if it happens to you.

Also belt width really matters the wider the better. You can prob not change that though. At they cut the belts to size for each order so you can get whatever width you want for no extra charge.

Hubs and direct drive have their own issues and I would def stick with belts in your case. If you dont want to move up to a gear drive board.


Those belt sits are US ones right?
So I assume shipping is gonna get quite expensive and also import fees and 25% tax.

I’ve tried the belts exway delivers (4 of those that are all broken by now)
And 6 belts from vbeltguys (2 of each type and 4 of those are broken by now)

I bought the belt size that Exway delivered with but yeah if I were to try new ones I’d try 260mm instead of 255.

beltingonline is UK based

I’ve tried both with and without belt covers and they still break all the time.
So stupidly tired of changing belts and if my hub board wasn’t broken (had it for like 2 years without any maintenance at all and used it in rain, snow, went through deep puddles etc) I’d still be using that probably even if the speed, range and feel was worse.

I have been looking a bit at Ecomobl ET2 which might be a good fit for me, some maintenance but should not be that frequent at least.

But are there any prebuilt boards with Geardrive that costs less than €2500?

UK is not part of EU anymore though so would still have to pay import fees.

Maybe a backfire ranger x3 if you want big hubs?

The board you are showing now has planetary geardrives, which would probably need a looking after aswell and are way nastier to fix should they break. I dont think the tech is very proven as of yet.

Plus the sound they make is not very pleasant.

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If you can buy a used Bioboard off someone then maybe.

If the exway flex had 63mm motors you could just buy a 3d servisas geardrive yourself to use with the board, but unfortunately I think it uses 50mm motors…

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I think there is a prebuilt 4wd hub motor board similar to this one.
But I forgot what its called.