Fast charge N Ride or Slow charge and hold full charge?

Question for the electro wiz’s.

(I have a 10s2p of nano techs @ 4500mah so 9ah)

Is it healthier for a battery to be either:

Fast charged (6a 42v) and then discharged by riding straight away


Slow charged (1.5a 42v) and then kept at full capacity for no more than 12hrs before discharge

I know that fast charging effects cell life, but leaving a battery charged at full for a while effects it too… right?

6A for a 9Ah could hardly be called fast charging.
Fast charging (2C or more depending on the battery) has very little effect on battery health compared to time spent at full charge.

In short fast charge for the win.


yeah i getcha. ive only ever had 2a and 6hr charge times so 6a and 1.5hr for me is quick :joy:

This really depends on chemistry, it can’t be generalize

For example, charge the NCR18650GA at 1C and you can toss them in the garbage after 200 cycle

And now in the middle of typing I realized that he is talking Lipo :neutral_face:

So 2C is ok, just don’t leave weeks fully charged and you will be good

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Both of those charge speeds are pretty low, I typically keep my boards fully charged all the time but I also ride them all the time. I charge slow when Im home (4amps) and use 12amps on group rides.

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