Fake fishpaper?

Fishpaper came in today from two different AliExpress suppliers. Rings and sheets. They both look like normal stickers. Is there an easy way to tell if it’s the real thing? I used a very scientific method of measuring how quickly I can burn through with the soldering iron at 400 Celsius. The proclaimed fishpaper managed to withstand about 30 seconds. It was about the same for the sheets and the rings. I did the same test with equally thick normal paper and that one only lasted 15 seconds.

752F for us who need FUB


This is what I bought from ebay and rejected. Just doesn’t seem right

Good heat resistance but thats not as important as abrasion resistance

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I see. How good is the abrasion resistance on the real thing? I can tear mine by hand easily. Like normal paper.

Here’s how I cut the nickel strips for welding. No sharp edges. I’ll only be doing 2P. Do you think it will be alright even with this not-real-fishpaper thing? This was the last missing bit for my battery pack and I don’t want to wait a couple more weeks for a replacement.

exact same situation as you.

like exactly. thats probably fine. In the end i just cut my own fishpaper


Did the “fake” fishpaper turn out ok? was it real enough or was it garbage?

i tried ordering a roll of adhesive backed fish paper from amazon and they sent me non-adhesive backed, but it was the real deal. Then i re-ordered and got what i wanted. I’m hoping to be able to run it through my die cutter and make custom insulators.

Here’s what i use on the 10S4Ps i’m always building:

and for the singles i usually use this, although there are other vendors and if you shop you can find deals:

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