Fake 30Q cells?

Hopefully I’m not the new guy here beating a dead horse but couldn’t bring up anything in search. I need some help determining if these 30Q cells are fakes. Using a 106B+ charger I can charge and discharge the cells one at a time. I’ve gone through 5 cells so far and got pretty similar results. Out of the box I’ve discharge 5 cells to 2.5V at a rate of 0.6A. Then proceeded to charge them up to 4.1V at 1.5A. I unwrapped 1 cell to see the markings under.

Discharge Rate 0.6A to cutoff discharge once voltage reaches 2.5V
Cell A Discharged 527 mAh
Cell B Discharged 562
Cell C Discharged 537
Cell D Discharged 563
Cell E Discharged 568

Charge Rate 1.50A to 4.16V
Cell A Charged 2498 mAh
Cell B Charged 2527
Cell C Charged 2549
Cell D Charged 2561
Cell E Charged 2563

Doing these 1 at a time is taking forever, debating on buying a charger that can do 4.2V Any good options out there (prefer amazon). Is the one below ok? I was hoping to find something that can discharge so all the cells will be discharged when I’m building the 10S4P pack.


Where did you buy your cells?

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very likely… i have an imax b6 for a variety of purposes… although it doesnt hold cells if youre building a battery youll have what you need to make things happen… but the B6 can only range from about 3v on the low side and stops at 4.04v on the high side, so yeah thos fractions of a volt matter… 500mah missing is close enough for me

I made an edit to the original post. I thought my charger was charging them to 3.6V but when I check the cells with a meter I’m getting 4.09V so not sure where the 500mA capacity is that is missing…

I bought the cells from Nkon.nl for $2.80 each

Did you check with a meter that the cells discharged to 2.5V?

They have a coveted position in the market as one of the best sellers of authentic cells WW, typically they ship li-ion at 3.5/3.6v

I would not keep testing otherwise your cells will not all have the same internal resistance which changes with age/use, testing is use. If you bought a couple extra just test those and leave the rest virgin


Yep he is right nkon is 100% legit

Checking with a meter I’m getting to following:

Cells out of the box are all at 3.43V +/-.01v

Discharged cells measure 2.5V right after charge but they creep up to 2.6V to 2.8V after they sit for a minute. Is that normal?

Fully charged cells are reading 4.08V to 4.09V

Just can’t seem to get any of them to take more than 2500mA

3.43V plus or minus 0.01V is ok. Nothing to worry about. As suggested above, it would probably have been best to leave them like this.

Yep, when the cell is discharged under load, and the load is removed it is normal for the voltage to creep up a bit.

Your fully charged voltage is probably more a function of your charger, and your charging set up, rather than the cells.

nkon is reputable…sorry if my initial response sound like i casted doubt…dont worry man… wire that pack up, slap on a bms and youll get what youre wanting.

Ok ok you guys are right. I bought a charger that is designed to charge 18650’s and I tested 1 more cell and got 3069mAh at 4.2V. Discharged and charged on my original charger and only got 2543mAh. So somethings weird is going on with my 106B+ charger. Crisis averted and onto the build, wootwoot!