Failed motor detection

Hey guys! so i just set up everything I need on my board to the point where I’m doing the software stuff now and im having an issue. so my issue is that the BLDC firmware (ackmaniack) fails the motor detection and gives me the message “bad detection result received” in the lower right-hand corner. I have upped the duty cycle all the way to .10 and am worried to go past that point, I have also incrementally upped the amperage to 10a and no luck. when I press detect motor (Btw I’m doing this as sensored bldc and have tried sensorless bldc with the same results) the motor spins up then slows down and stutters (I’ve heard it’s supposed to do that) and then gives me that error. I’ve checked the terminal for faults and there are none, I’m using a short cable and I’ve tried to revert firmware but it says I need a programmer. what am I doing wrong?! I am using an enertion FocBox and a DIYes 6380 motor, here are my settings as always thanks a bunch!

I’d begin by disconnecting the motor from the FocBox, the FocBox from power and then check you phase wire connections. Make sure they are all soldered correctly and no shorts exist at the can.

Don’t connect the sensor cable until you get constantly good results from a BLDC detection.

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Ok I’ll try that when I get home later today, any other suggestions? Edit: the motor seemed to run ok during the detection could there still be a short?

Maybe, if it’s a cold joint the disconnect could be intermittent.

I have had motors that would never detect correctly. They still run fine but detection fails Everytime. I don’t know why, I have stopped using most motors other than maytech, BKB and TB motors for that reason.

Ok so I just checked and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong… Any other suggestions?

I would just set some standard settings and see if it rides. Maybe try FOC detection and see if it works.

Ok I’ll see how it goes by just setting params, I’m a bit to scared of foc

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The reason I mention trying FOC detection is because I have a set of motors that will pass FOC detection but never pass a BLDC detection. They ride fine though.

Would add going through the motor wizard has helped me in the past gets things setup and saved for you in case battery min voltage is too low by default or other similar things. Bad motor detection happened with my sensored sk8 motor as well but seemed always worked when going through the wizard steps.

I remember reading somewhere that the motor detection in FOC mode is a bit more refined than in BLDC. It has received more attention and development time from Benjamin.
The contextual help in VESC tool will give you some pointers about the different parameters involved in the detection. You can also run the detection in command line in the console mode if you prefer…
The few times when I had troubles with detection of hall sensors was when there was a physical problem, exposed wiring, arcing, bad heatshrinks… Double check that first, although it might be beyond the part where the wiring is visible. Had such a problem on a Maytech hub.

You can try in VESC-Tool, since that uses FOC Open Loop for detection. FOC open loop detection has pretty much a 100% rate for detection, even for nasty motors. The older VESC-Tools and the Ackmaniac fork ESC-Tool always use BLDC for detection even if you chose FOC.
Once you have the parameters, you can screenshot them and enter them manually if needed.
If motors do not detect, that should be easy to detect, there could also be a Hardware issue.


Ok so I solved it! All I had to do was to raise the erpm to 350 because it’s such a big motor Edit: but now I’m having problems with my firefly nano receiver, it’s showing that there is “no uart data” so I’m going to try updating my fw with the vesc tool because the ackmaniac tool uses 2.18 right?

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