F/S WTS (US): DIY Hummie Build Complete

Located in CT just outside NYC for local pickup.

Time to let this one go to pay for other toys :wink:
I think Im selling it 99% complete to start (minus motors as 1 has an issue currently)…

Backstory: This was my BEST build over the years…until i finished my DIY Flux and never looked back!
Only rode this few a few months and less than 300miles… (probably less)

Virtual Tour of the board here:


  • 12s6p 30Q pack built by me with a d140 charge only bms
  • focbox unity (OG and no issues) with a metr pro plugged into the uart port
    focbox mounted to a Janux heatsink
  • mini remote included, unless you want a gt2b (have an ok print that needs hardware)
  • Clear Frit Job (medium fit) on a Hummie deck, big ben double stack enclosure
  • TB 218mm trucks (rear has been shaved for use with certain aluminum thane pulleys)
  • TB AT hubs w/ 8" pnuematic tires (will need a new set sooner than later) might be able to include a fresh set
  • janux dual idler long motor mounts (i usually use 1 idler, sometimes 2 depending on belts i have on hand)
  • no motors currently but willing to include 16T 8mm pulleys (might even have some other sizes available)
    @ 145lb 16/62 gearing on 190kv easily got me 30ish mph UPHILL quick (35-37mph top speed on flats)
  • come with headlight/tail light/under glow installed and hardwired with a buck converted and on/off switch. VERY convenient and promise youll love having it. cruise in darkness at 20mph+ with great visibility.
  • kayak handle on the side makes carrying SOOOOO amazing!
  • shipping cost TBD

what else am I missing?? not interested in parting it out if i dont have to…

Im also not sure what a fair asking price is (please chime in all my old peers of this community),

but since one needs to be included lets start at $1200 OBO and open to suggestion…


Not in the market since I have a nearly identical build, but just coming here to say this is so TRUE

This setup is amazing, everyone will enjoy it. Can’t imagine it gets more than about 18 miles of range tho



yeah depends on ride style… at home where the roads were open and smooth there was more consistent high speed potential to ride so averaged about 15mi before it started getting kinda saggy, but in NYC where its more cruising with an occasional speed burst I would have def broken 20mi if i could have ridden that long in one session.

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bump…its spring and time to ride!

Ill take $1000 since it needs new motors… anyone?!