Exway X1 Pro Longevity

**The day the music died.

After 13 months and 2400+ km, my X1 pro’s ESC gave up.

What are your experiences? Let me know!

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That’s not good.

Not x1 pro but wowgo 2s wich has 3900+ km and still goes.


Yeah, it’s a pity, just changed the bearings on the hub drives and invested in some Cloudwheels and pulleys for the riot drive. 189$ for a new ESC is a bit steep IMO. The battery is done for too… So,…


That’s crazy man I don’t think I’ve even ridden that much total on my board yet haha


Mine is getting close to 1000km mark, fucked my pulley last month and got those hub as replacement, but my battery doesn’t last like it used to anymore (not because of those hub, just battery being battery)


If I hadn’t met a lady with a Backfire Mini and deepcyling my pro I would’ve got another 1000km out of it without a complaint…