Exway riot pulleys

I’m looking for cheap Kegel core pulleys and it looks like Exway has them for $30 shipped for a pair at the moment, but they tell you nothing on the page. Can anyone confirm how they work? If they are decent quality it looks like one of the best budget options since it’s half the price of most other sources

From looking it seems to be 36T, 12mm width, press fit plus a bearing, and injection molded nylon

Also if you have them and are willing to beat their price, hit me in the PMs


$30 for a pair of pulleys shipped is gonna be hard to beat.
I would just order them.


I’m going be running them on standard Caliber IIs so if it needs another bearing I’m kinda in trouble…or can I run them without it?

@sofu likely knows better than most…

Maybe @BillGordon knows? Or is your Exway the hub variant :thinking:

If you remove the bearing they won’t stay on your wheels

I sent you those popocas w pulleys on them. Is this for a different board?


I have 36t enertion blue 12mm pulleys you can have for $20 shipped with bearings


Damn…I guess I’d need to buy a pair of bearings and take the hangar to a lathe? Fingers crossed it’s another 608

Nah this is for my personal board. Gonna run the Popocas with the Janux pulleys you sent because they are way better quality

It’s ABEC core though right?

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I would guess it’s one of those skate bearings with the shoulders on it

Got the code for them?

Gave all mine away.
@b264 probably knows


I think it’s called a F608-2RS? Looks about right

I have a set I may be willing to sell. They use a double bearing setup within the pulley so it really only works with there trucks so unless you modify another truck on a lathe to have the same sort of step down that they have on their trucks I don’t think they would work

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I got a pair of the BKB standard Cal II trucks from the Thanksgiving sale, I can get them lathed down but I don’t want to if I can avoid it…it’s terrifying now that the lathe is kinda fucked

Is it one of the prototype ones from the set you designed?

I have not been able to confirm that these are 5m belt profile but they look to be.

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The belts are HTD5M 11mm width according to the site so it’s the standard 5M profile for us…I’d assume they are 12mm pulleys if they run 11mm belt

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I see the bearing issue mentioned above though

Do you have the kit?