Exway geardrive?

So i was looking at exways new hubs that are coming out.( not that exway boards are my thing) but i like seeing what brands are doing. They got this new quick change hubs coming out. With cool color options. What is interesting is in the promotional image on their site it says it works with exway atlas gear drive, direct drive and belt drive. I know that exway said they would be releasing Direct drive when they first announced the atlas but never did. But now i guess they still plan on releasing direct drive and now gear drive for the atlas as well.


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I saw that too… Peculiar. Wonder if they’re designing one

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I can’t get over the fact that they say “universally compatible” and then proceed to shortlist what it’s compatible with.
Otherwise, the hubs look cool, I like the system for changing parts of them, it’s one step from “hubcaps” which would massively improve the aesthetic variety of our boards. And that may indeed be teasing gears, and I do love gears. Not big on prebuilts, but the exway wave is one of my favorites.


Lol, yeah…maybe they trademarked “universally compatible ™”.

So I ended up with a 4wd Atlas Pro gear drive setup from the factory. Took forever. The reason they aren’t universally compatible is because the transmission housing is big…like really big. The driven gear is huge, and almost larger than some wheels. Like with a belt setup, you can get a smaller driven pulley. Since the pully is not encased, you just fit the wheel to be larger than the pulley. Can’t do that if the pulley (gear) is enclosed. Can’t post pictures here, but I have a few vids on youtube (same name) where you can see how low the gearbox rides.


Nice - I’m getting an Atlas Pro too with GD, looking forward to checking it out. How’s the sound for you?

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Lol, I knew that would be the first question. Honestly it is less annoying and quieter than my L-faster belt drive setup. Granted I haven’t optimized the belt tension on the l-faster setup, so there is room for noise reduction there.

I’ll download a sound meter app on my phone and let you know what it rates it (db), that way you can compare to what you have.

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I was gonna say - in DKwan’s video, although the audio was turned down for his voiceover, it didn’t sound terribly loud. It sounds quieter than the Boardnamics helical, I think, which is weird since it’s straight cut

The note of it sounds pretty good though, not annoying, from what I’ve heard so far

It isn’t. It is way worse than hub or direct (revel kit). But same family as belt. I don’t think the noise will get you unwanted attention on the street or in the park. It is appropriate, if that makes sense. Like it isn’t a Propel planetary drive that screams like a blistered ape at 1mph.

And the exway is helical cut.

I’ll try to do the same thing he did, but compare between direct, belt and exway and post it. Cause you know the direct is basically silent…so you can judge from there.

I must be thinking of one of the acedeck ones then, I haven’t looked recently.

Well ya those are basically 0 sound haha

I’m moreso comparing to Boardnamics and Newbee, it seems like it will fall somewhere between those

Sadly I lack either of those…

Haha that’s okay, I’ll do a sound test too. Will have to compare to my old BN helical footage and my new raceboard BN straight cut as well

Leaves and twigs that get caught between the wheel and gearbox are louder than the gearbox. I know…subjective, but I can hear rattling (i didn’t torque my carry handle enough) while it is going full tilt. So it doesn’t drown out other board noises.

Lol interesting. I have always figured crap would get stuck between the cage and the motors

It does. Like pine needles will be a nightmare with this. I do get an occasional leaf or stem in there, but it usually shreds or backs out when I reverse at some point during the ride. I think you would be having problems if you did a beach ride with that sand that is like super small pebbles, but not quite sand. The gap is like 3mm or so (guestimate).

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If someone came up with brushes that you could apply to the cage, I think that would fix the problem.

Ok, just uploaded a video to YouTube comparing a Revel Kit, a belt drive L-Faster and the Exway Gear Drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLnXZ9KYj3s

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Not bad at all, seems pretty nice! Wow you have some terribly balanced tires on that Lfaster lol

Lol, yeah…There is some mud I need to clean out, on top of the L-Faster inattention to quality.

Trying to get my buddy to drag his Trampa belt drive out. While it’s apples to oranges, at least it is better balanced and tuned than the L-Faster.

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