Extension wiring?

First, I know I’m not going to know the proper name for what I’m about to ask about. That feels like a given, but here we go.

I’m wanting to know if there is an extension wiring of sorts for the three wires w/bullet plugs that extend out from my ESC that connect to the motor wires on a dual belt kit. We’re talking the TB pro2 kit, and I need longer wiring to connect the esc to the motor. Please and thanks

Are you able to solder? If so you can just make your own extension wires with some bullet connectors for cheap.

In theory I totally could, but that would involve getting the soldering gun, other supplies, whatever. I’m just looking to buy. It’d be a cord with one female end and one male end, like an aux cord extender.

Sorry I don’t know of a pre made one. I ended up making my own.

I think this is what you’re looking for?


I am currently making a how-to solder thread so if torqueboards don’t have the right bullet diameter then you can learn to solder :smile::v:

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Oh lit. I didn’t know dex made those.

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Yeah that’s def it. Thank you!

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Cheerio bud!

I guess to go further from here, what do people normally use to protect the wiring — as in like sleeves or something? I’ve seen this lattice-nylon woven sleeve looking material before, but I wouldn’t know where to get it.

braided nylon sleeving

Amazon eBay

Nylon braided sleeves, just googling that should get you plenty of options :ok_hand:

It sucks to hear this but I say buy a soldering iron and learn to solder. It is well worth it. It is a skill everyone should know how to do and you will be 1000x stronger after learning.

If you promise to embark on this journey, I’ll make you some of these motor phase wire extensions for free.