I know it is not a clever name. yeah yeah.

So first I had a Metroboard Micro Slim, and it was pretty underwhelming… as far as speed and range.
So 2 years and 3 months ago, despite thinking it was the craziest amount of money I ordered an Evolve Bamboo GT.
And it changed my life because it was awesome on GT mode, and the Flex and the Trucks.
And running 97s, and then running 107s. Freaking awesome. Then off course the Battery died.

I got the Long Haired Boy upgrade which was awesome. My first real real taste of real Esk8 performance.
And as awesome as it was my fat ass fried the BMS pretty quickly.

Then I moved on to DIY and yada yada yada. I had gotten a GTX battery for the Evlolve and it had held up really well, with not riding it all the time. But as much as I liked the board and the trucks I wanted more out of it.

So it “Evolved”

Bamboom GT Board.
Evolve Trucks.

10S4P 30Q pack with charge only BMS.
Psychotiller Enclosure
Maytech 6355 170kV motors(3520watts)
Hyper-Ion Mounts

Flipsky FSEC 4.20 plus.
Flipsky VX1 Remote(the star of the show)
Flipsky bluetooth module.

15/38T on Abec 11 97s
Zealous Bearings.

Tons of power now. I am still scared to hit top end.
I really liked the small form factor of the Flipsky 4.20.
And I REALLY, REALLY like their new remote.

I also think the new Vesc-tool 2019 and App are awesome.

Still need to figure out if i can change throtle curves on the go…


Such a sleeper look! Many evolve riders are gunna think it’s stock! Question for you. I noticed you used maytech motors. I’ve heard that the sensor wire my not be in the same series as the vesc sensor input. Did you have to do anything unique to the sensor wire or did it work after plugging it in?

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This is awesome. I really like the hardware evolve uses, but the mediocre quality of their electronics is what made me not buy one.

May I ask how the psychotiller enclosure is handling the flex of the evolve deck? Would be interested to make a project like this myself.

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I have 2 sets of Maytech motors. these 6355 170kVs I had to use an extension/plug adapter. but wires do match.
the newer set of 6374s 170kVs had sensor wires already with the plug to go directly into the vesc, so not even an extension or plug adapter was needed.

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there is quite a bit of give with the psychotiller enclosures. I think they would all handle flexy decks pretty well. i do user a layer of .25in insulation tape and keep the screws that hold the enclosure on not super tight.

You could have called it the GTR…


Oh, what a coincidence, I have to 6355 motors as well. One with the old sensor wire (with extension needed) and the other a new motor with the sensor wire with out. Cool, thanks man. Ur a big help.

I have an similar set up I just use focbox and a 12s4p it runs great.

Nice build.