Evolve Stoke Deck or Similar

Hey kids.

I am not feeling super content with the Deck I have on my home made Stoke.

I would like to get an actual Evolve Stoke Deck, or something similar…

Most likely something Similar, because Evolve thinks their little Kick Tail deck should cost as much as a freaking Haero Bro…

appreciate any suggestions.




yeah Ben.

i have pondered the Omakase.

I probably need the universe to send something else my way.

the deck on my Stoke now is an Earthwing Muirderer I cut down almost to the exact shape of the Omakase… because at the time, I did not want to buy a second Omakase.

it almost would feel wrong to put DKP on the Omakase…


The Omakase does have a shorter wheelbase which I think I want…


Can you sell me this one ? Please DM your thoughts

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god i hate this end of deck so freaking much, i have one and trying to put your foot over it feels so weird with a gap inbetween, whoever invented it deserves to hit a pebble at 40kmh

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