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Evolve Pintail Components (Can Fit 50 cells) + 4.12 VESC

Too many projects and letting this one go.

42” Pintail Deck New enclosure 83mm flywheels (one is ripped/cracked) Evolve sensored inrunner motor Supercarve trucks with mount (pulley cover is cracked but mount is solid) 32T pulley

4.12 VESC

Needs: Electronics (the esc, battery and anyhing not pictured is not included.

Updated to $200 shipped to CONUS. Located in Los Angeles


Pics and location please sir.

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You get no free money from me.


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Who wants it?

my first esk8



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$225 shipped

$200 shipped

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Hi @eboostin

I hope you already found a buyer.
To be honest: I am not looking to buy but I a am considering to build a e-pintail with hub-motors myself. But as a beginner I find it really hard to find proper conponents…

Could you tell me what ESC, Battery and Enclosure you used for your built, and where you got them from?
Thanks! :slight_smile: