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Evolve gtx battery bypassing bms to use vesc

So. I can’t seem to find a answer to this on either forum.

I have a working evolve drive train with a gtx battery.

My nephew recently broke my R 2 remote…
I’m not loving the old remote…

Is it possible to take out the evolve esc and bypass the gtx battery bms and slap a Flipsky 4.20 plus in there?

I have never messed with a battery or bms. So it kind or horrifies me.

I know I read one person did that but maintained the Bms.
You will need to buy a aftermarket remote and receiver.
The Gtx receiver board is soldered on and integrated with the factory Esc.

Yes. I want to be able to use a new remote and a Flipsky 4.20 plus Vesc.

Yes. I’m doing the same here in a week or so.
Just waiting on my Bestech D140 bms and Vx1 remote.
Installing a Unity… And selling off my Evolve stuff.

The vx1 remote is nice. So you gonna make a tutorial for me then… Have you wired up a bms before? I had not thought of getting a new bms. But that makes more sense really. Bkb had the d140 in stock even…

Thats were I got my Bms.
If you do a search wiring up the Bms, it is straight forward. The D140 is charge only.
I’m not sure on your electronics experience background but In the Battery builders thread there is some good info and others that build battery packs on a daily basis that can help.
In the future you’ll be ditching the factory battery pack.
I built a 10s5p pack for mine and the Evolve stuff is the bottleneck right now.
If I’d known better I would have built my own board over a year and a half ago when I got into this hobby.

Yep. I have a few other builds with real batteries. Whole different ball game. I just want to make something I like more with this gtx battery since it cost me 450 bucks and it still gets me close to 14 mile range. So you wired your custom pack to the evolve Bms? That is fancy