Evolve bkb peices

Subject: [us] description: random parts bkb

10s2p bkb 30q battery with charger and enclosure
Lightly used sell with or without accessories:
Price ($250):


evolve motors 5065 200kv 2000w (red) 150kv black
Used all working condition 1 has a stripped pulley screw(black):
Price ($50ea):


Bkb wheels 97mm

My first listing here sorry if the formats is bad


I see d shafts. What size are those motor shafts? Asking for a friend @evwan

Those are 8mm, why’d u need me?

I herd you need some d shaft shit. Lol.

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Oh I got that hehe. Thanks


Since I can’t edit my post. Posting here
Adding 2 items. And updating prices.
All prices are not including shipping. Pp you pay the gs fee
Bkb battery $199
Motors $39ea
Wheels $40
Arc board ppm remotes AA batteries

15.22 inch DKP no mounts $49

Update: all prices now shipped
Arc remotes $40 ea
Flipsky 6384 motor 8mm round shaft, rash, works perfectly.