Evolve bamboo GTR enclosure

Just wondering if anyone knows what type of plastic the GTR bamboo enclosure’s are made of?
Is it abs?

I’m thinking to gut the battery compartment and cut it to fit bigger packs in, patching where needed.

To some extent I wouldn’t bother using the existing enclosure. Eboosted has a large evolve gt replacement enclosure that’s awesome to use.

It’s highly likely to be injection molded nylon

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Yeah I know, but that is for a gt and it’s about au$250 delivered. I like ghetto, so looking at different options.

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Ok thanks.

Gotcha, it’s certainly not a cheap solution to buy that enclosure.

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Yeah I was considering that enclosure for another board.

I have that enclosure here and it will cleanly fit the GTR deck.

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Ok, that’s good to know. Might still consider it if I can’t make this work

It’s worth noting that filling the holes in the GTR deck from the previous enclosure setup, and then redrilling it for the eBoosted one, all can sit under the grip tape pieces that run along the sides.

So you can take those off, fill and redrill, and then cover it all over with new grip.

A couple of center holes still show along the center stripe, but they’re easily filled and covered over with some vinyl or something similar.