Evolve 63mm motor mounts

Got my hands on a set of evolve supercarve trucks that I want to use on an AT build but don’t wanna use standard evolve 5065 motors. Anyone have a set of 63mm compatible mounts? I know Dickyho has a set which is cheap but shipping times might be a little too long…

Used parts welcomed! Thanks in advance!

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@Boardnamics has what you are looking for upcoming soon I think.


@Janux-esk8 also has some

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These are all great…

But I should’ve mentioned I’m looking in the ~$50 range if possible :joy:

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These are a lot for a fricken 6mm plate of aluminum. I may be able to hook you up


I have a set of Dickyho mounts on me and Im also in NY, but I’m under quarantine

@Boardnamics why was I never hooked up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You never asked my man. I may be able to let go of some 63mm plates that are normally for caliber II. Same bolt pattern as these evolves


Because u lied. Where that raptor u where finna give Kevin huh. Exactly

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Local pickup only sir, come now and its Kevin’s

@Boardnamics Bruh I asked you for evolve mounts

Hahaha, ight imma go raid Kevin’s garage.

Reselling stolen mounts for 25$ a set, 5$ off msrp
BN220’s 15$ a hanger


See you in a couple of hours, wear a mask or you’re not allowed in

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Thanks for all the help guys. For the time being, think I’m going to stick with 63mm motors for the power and because that’s what I have in my inventory now.

@BillGordon @Dareno @mmaner This can be closed please!