Evolve 6" AT tires, flat tires x7

Has anyone had issues with the 6" AT tires/tubes from Evolve?
I keep getting flats, even with new tubes, driving me nuts.

have you tried adding slime to the tubes?

are the flats occurring on the same tire or does it vary?

What psi are you running in your tires?

I haven’t tried Slime, but I ordered Arma Dillos, shipping is taking forever.

Flats have been different rims/tires. I thought it was just old rubber, but they have all been replaced. I’ve been super careful putting them back together.


I don’t get it.

The last one oddly looked like this

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Are those tubes used on the rear tire?

Yes and flats to usually happen in the rear.

I’m 190 lbs and usually ride with my 40 lbs 3 year old


There is a solid chance that after you get a flat (possibly before) the spinning hub pulls on a deflated tube that doesn’t have good contact with the tire anymore and the tire revolves a few degrees around the tube that is locked the hub by the valve stem

I don’t know what’s causing the flats though.

Take a white paint pen and mark the hub and tire in order to gauge if you have tire/rim slippage at your regular PSI. That slippage can tear your tube at the tethered valve stem.

40 psi at 230lbs should be ok, but I bet it (flats) happens less if your at a higher psi. I’m 180-170 and use 30psi for races and 40ish for longer cruises. I’ve been stupid in the past and run it at 70psi which was a mistake.

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I’m bummed. Those are all good answers.
Definitely get the arma dillos. Try adding anti puncture tape on the tire

Thank you!