Everything SOLD |US| 107’s, 10s12p

Got a set of the dark green unobtanium electric flywheels. Comes with very lightly used custom Janux wheel pulleys, aluminum core and POM wheel pulley. It is press fit. Wheels are in very good condition, only 30 miles on them. 40t Looking for 200$

Got this 10s12p battery from @anorak234, it consists of 6 10s2p put in parallel. Has a buck converted to charge your phone and voltmeter. Each pack is 4400 mah. Whole pack is 948wh. Will not ship by air. preferably local but ups ground is ok. Comes with 5a charger. Has about 150 miles from my use. The pack can get 20-30 miles on pneumatics or 40-50 miles on urethane. Warning, this thing is huge and sticker bombed. Will have to be top mounted, comes in its enclosure. The discharge goes from a female xt60 coming from the battery to the esc. Will include a extension wire which becomes two male xt90. Battery has a built in antispark loopkey. Looking for 200$+shipping is 30-40$. It weighs in at 17 pounds with the charger. SOLD


danm, $250 for a 10s12p? Too bad I’m not in the UK


I’m not in the UK, lol. San Diego

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Oh why did I think you were EU based…:thinking::thinking: why is this so goddamn cheap?? I don’t have the money anyway for anymore esk8 for a mo I’m tapped, but goddamn.

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Yeah, it’s a decent battery, it’s because it has the cheap batteries in parallel. When these are all together, it barely sags until you get to 36v. Not terrible though.


30Q or no?

Nope, hahah. That’s why it’s so cheap. I would price this at 500$ if it was 30q. They are probably lgamf11865.

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well goodluck with the sale man, I would consider if I wasn’t tapped!

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Only reason I’m selling is to save up some money, keep on spending every cent I get on esk8. Anyways, I’m open to offers



Hmmm. What BMS’s do these run? Interesting setup… redundancy for days, lol

@KaramQ I’m curious as to why you’re selling the 10s12p? I sold it to you at a lower price than this bc I thought you would use it…


Man those wheels look appetizing

The old Electric Flywheel is my favorite ABEC11 wheel but they haven’t been manufactured in ages

I used it for a decent bit, it’s just way too heavy, my board weighs 45 pounds

It’s a great battery don’t get me wrong,
It’s just the parents are bugging me and on top of that, I really don’t need the massive range. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. Price drop to 200$ for the battery

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Battery sold

Lol. That what he does unfortunately. Kids a hustler



Abec’s for 80$

Everything sold, please close