EVERYTHING SOLD $100 200kv Maytech sealed motors 6374 6365

Need to sell
brand new in package maytech 6374 and 6365 200kv sealed motors

$100 each plus shipping for 6374
$95 each plus shipping for 6365

4mm banana connectors 10” long
Hall sensors with 2.0 jst connector 20” long
Standard 8mm Shaft with 3mm key slot

HMU if you have any questions



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YO CISCO, are these the custom maytechs you ordered? Or are these just spare 6374s you had laying around?

Sup ma man! I’ve ordered these along with custom ones for our crew members
Why. Wassup??

Ahh nothing man, just wondering. I’ll be able to pick up my motors sometime tonight if you’re free, you can sell these motors to Chris. He’s one of my homies



Bump. They’re still available

Is it only one each or do you have multiples of each?

Ill take 2 of the 190kv, shoot me a message

Unfortunately 190kv motors are sold

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4x 200kv 6374 $100ea
4x 200kv 6365 available $95ea

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Damn. Wish they weren’t sealed.

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Just drill a couple holes, easy money


Wish they weren’t 200kv.


Nah man 200kv is great!

10s or 12s primo!


Next board I’m working on I want to do a gear driven AT…

I could swap some things around though. We will see.

@CiscoV I could take two of the 6365s. Drop me a line.

Not sure what kv you’re looking for.
But given what I know about planes. Kv ratings are basically +/- 5% anyway. 200 and 190 aren’t going to make a huge difference


For reference bioboard runs 220kv on their 4wd setup with 12s6p pack :man_shrugging:t2:

Lower the better for what I have planned, I was able to make some swaps though and pull my 170kvs off of another build. The 200s are fine where they are :slight_smile: