Evan's Picasinks | Open Source Picatinny Rail Antisink Plates

Picasinks - a new level of accessory modularity

or something, i'm not a marketing person LMAO
These dandy things are the fruits of about an afternoon's worth of CAD work. The first iteration has two different designs, Parallel and Angular. I intend on publishing the hardware files for personal use under the (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. My not particularly flattering designs may be shared and whatnot as long as there's proper attribution blah blah blah Frank's lawyers.


Angular v2

Parallel v1

It seems there’s some interest so I figured I’d go ahead and get 6 of the Angular design variant made. They fit well on my 3d printed prototypes but I’m interested in how they do with the tighter tolerances of getting them produced. Once I have them in hand and verify that my design isnt a dud, i’ll throw the files up on github.

I obviously dont need 6 of the antisinks, so if you want to buy one send me a pm. Once I receive them from sendcutsend I’ll need to countersink the truck bolts and tap the rail mounting screws. This will probably be finished around the new year as sendcutsend takes like an extra week to powder coat them.

Here’s the printed one:

Next up I’ll have davega compatible ones and a design with only one center rail.


open source picarail plate



Just need to tap/countersink and they’ll be off to the races!


Looks awesome! Is that the SCS matte black powdercoating? Looks too matte to be the black anodized option, although I could be wrong.

Yep that’s what it is.

nailed it

DXF File available for this version