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[EU] WTT: 2x FOCBOX <-> Unity

I have 2 lightly used FOCBOXes which I would like to trade for a Unity. There’s ca 600 km on one and 200 km on the other. The phase connectors have been changed to 4mm bullets and the PPM connector to JST-XH. I can change them again and/or include a JST-XH to the standard 3P dupont adapter/extension. I can also make a custom length CAN cable. I’m in Brno, Czech Republic.


1.7 ?


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I think so but I have to double-check. These originate from @Brenternet’s build. Brent, do you happen to remember if they are 1.7?

I believe so gents. I cant see how they wouldn’t be with the timing


Just open them, and it’s written on the pcb

Is it?

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Damn it’s right under the QC sticker. What a tease

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HAHA… It’s right under that QC passed sticker :rofl:

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Haha, okay, they are 1.6.


This is such a sacrilege :scream:
Come back to common sense and keep them!
Just my opinion…

Im guessing your doing this for size restraints?

Size is one factor. I also like the extra Unity features though. Start/stop button, built-in anti-spark, built-in BT module (which can be upgraded to Metr without taking any extra space). Also wiring is easier. No need to split the battery wires. No need for CAN cable.


…did you trade them? :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have them but I actually plan to use them for my next build now.

let me know if you will change your mind, I am willing to buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also am willing to buy :slight_smile:

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unity > focbox

fight me


I assume you mean Unity > 2x Focbox. For the most part yes. That’s why I want to trade it. :slight_smile: Easier wiring, built-in anti spark, on/off switch.

However, as @b264 would explain, with dual focbox you have the option of running dual PPM receiver, which gives you redundancy. If one of your focboxes or one of your receivers dies, you still have the other pair and still have one motor for braking. With Unity, you don’t have this luxury. If it dies, you’re out of brakes.

So whether Unity > 2x Focbox depends on your needs and preferences. Tough to defend as a general truth.


It was mostly meant as a gaslighting joke. But I do feel a single unity is just a simpler way to go. not to mention the size advantages.

dual focboxes win the reundancy arguement of course especially considering failure.
That said, withthe cost of a unity down to $200 and an eternity, the cost of replacing one is not so high anymore