[EU] WTS / WTT bergmeister setup - SOLD

Looking to sell my unused bergmeister wheels with belts and pulleys for £150 or to trade with either a set of SR TKP or Evolve Super Carve Trucks. Hit me up!!


Did you get the trucks also? Might be interested with the haggy trucks to go with them

i didn’t get the trucks, just the wheels.

Didn’t you just sell a set of SR tkp’s and then quite esk8 because you had injuries for life that prevented it?

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Indeed i did/do, i have a friend who has now got to the stage of not loving the snail pace of an evolve one and wants something with a bit more Pazzaz :slight_smile:

I’ll take in about 2 weeks if you still have them

its good we are both UK if it was €150 that might be £300 by then < smiles turns into nervous grin into brexit-face > LOL


When the riding season is over in Norway and the winter build commence I would definitely trade my Evolve Super Carve trucks for these beauties.

I’ve got a set of evolve trucks but I’m in Sydney aus so like 25hrs away :tired_face:

How much wwould shipping to Belgium be?

No more then £20