[EU] WTS TRAMPA ORRSOM complete board,

Hello , I got for sale complete Trampa orrsom board used lightly this summer But selling without battery , because due safety consern

Deck : trampa orrsom 15ply

Enclosure : trampa underbaord battery cover for dual motor setup

Truck : 12fifties with venom barrel 95a bushings (yeah im heavyweight )

Wheel : stickies from trampa 81a with alu 37t slave pulley

Motors : trampa 154kv with 14t pinion

Motor mounts : basic trampa.mounts

Electronics : 2x vesc’s 6plus with ble Dongle

Controller : normal maytech ppm joystick with receiver

There is small parts were i not mention but i will include with board to :wink:

asking 1180euro + shipping only europe

If you interest more , write pm please


If you’re selling the vescs I’m interested.

if I were in EMEA, I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

Good luck my friend and if you go down the route of parts, I am interested in the drivetrain for my Orrsum. Cheers.

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Wanna sell me the deck? :weary:

so then isnt this allready sold basicly if he parts out :joy:

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Pretty much, parting out would be easier to sell quicker

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The OP said “Decided to leave board for future projects. Please delete this thread” but we do not delete threads so I have closed it.

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