EU WTS Trampa bindings + heelstraps SOLD!

I am selling my Trampa bindings

The price on the Trampa website is 65(bindings)+30(heel straps)=95 GBP total.

You get them for 60ā‚¬ + shipping.
PayPal only.

They are almost like new.


@Skyart ?

Would love to get that. But Iā€™m in US. And also waiting to see if I can get a trampa deck

I have no problem shipping to the US but I will have to check the cost first to see if it is viable.

Check to oakland california 94619

Shipping cost is 30-35ā‚¬ depending on final weight for shipping to the US.

Still available? Do you sell the heelstraps alone?

Yes. Still available.
I would prefer to sell them as a set.

Ok, thanks. I already have the same bindings and just realized I want heelstraps too. Tell me if you change your mind :grin:

How does 20ā‚¬ plus shipping sound?

Per se it sounds fine, but I think shipping cost to Germany will kill it :sweat_smile:

Still available.

How can that be???


Are they sold?

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No, still available.

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Where you located?

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Greece. I can ship everywhere, though EU would probably be cheaper.

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How much do you want for the set without the heelstraps ? shipped to holland

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You snooze you looze


Or have the tread closed/marked as sold ā€¦

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