EU | WTS | Random Stuff - Great Price - Need To Sell ASAP

Got a good bit to sell. Not all sk8 related

Shipping to EU is 10-20Euro
Shipping to US/AUS/Asia will need to be discussed (just need to calculate it quick depending on what you want) should be around 20-30 euro

—SOLD— 190Euros 3D Servisas Nano GearDrive For Caliber Style Trucks 1:2.6 Lightly Used

—SOLD — 50Euro 97mm Abec Flywheels Less Than 5km Use - Like New

40Euros Zhiyun Smooth 4 Phone Stabilizer Like New

Phone not included lol. I lost the tri stand too but that’s super cheap from china anyway.

20Euro Dremel Router - Like New, Used Once

—SOLD — 150Euro* Evolve Esc New (but it has MR60 connectors so you have to change them)

—SOLD —100Euro Evolve CGT Battery w/ BMS - (Less Than 30 charges)

I know the battery is hardly worth anything but i can’t be bothered to unsolder the bms, unless you are from the US and then i will unsolder it, otherwise the battery gets sent.

— Sold— 70Euro Evolve AT Wheels + Hubs + Tubes - Less Than 5km, Like New

60Euro or 40 each. Two Snowboards 142cm & 144cm in good condition, just needs edge sharpening because of slight rust/oxidation over the years of no use.

—SOLD— 15Euro @torqueboards V6 Support Bar + Bracket New

I bought these but somehow Dexter did’t send me the new v6 motor mounts so these don’t fit. I never bothered to say anything so don’t worry Dexter :love_you_gesture:

Additional Notes

  • Flexible on prices, need this to go
  • I also have toilet paper pm me
  • Looking for trades as well, I need 150mm-ish trucks Paris V2 black if possible or SR TKP, Epoxy for Frit Glass, and other stuff i can’t think about rn so will post below
  • Also Paypal isn’t really an option :grimacing: Only if you really must. Reason being i’m under 18 and if PayPal works that out while i have money in there then poof, so bank transfer if possible? Or introduce me to other platforms. PM me if you have any issues though, i’m flexible.

And because this is my selling thread, Dibs are allowed. First, you post dibs in my thread then you PM me. I will update you all of course on what’s available. My name is not @CiscoV X @KaramQ so things won’t magically disappear


Cash talks :metal:t3::rofl::metal:t3:


yo does that 3ds nano set come with kegel or abec adapters?




@sesat :arrow_up:


Gear drives are still available :love_you_gesture: 8mm shaft for those wondering. they fit TB 218, BN and caliber trucks, probably most clones too.
@sesat interested? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pm’d about gears thx


At wheels still for sale?

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Dayoum I really want smooth4 buuuuuuuutttt I already have 3x :face_with_thermometer:

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боже мой! :joy:
Some random russian sentence.

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It’s omg ehehhe


Dibs on evolve AT wheels. :smiley:

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Do these only fit on the the TB218 or do they also fit on the Tb CNC hangers?

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Drives only fit calibre style. tb220 have the same profile but are bigger so won’t fit.


  • 2 potential buyers for at wheels
  • 2 potential buyers for GD
  • 1 potential buyer on TB Support bar
    everything else is still available

Just please buy it haha.
15 for shipping. Prices are flexible ShOOt mE OfFerSS

AT tires sold.
Sorry @Yungdaff


Abec Wheels Sold

GD sold

BUMP ity

Bru why selling all of this, the virus hit the bank hard? :cold_sweat: