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[EU][WTS]MOV-E BUILD - parting out

This build is not getting any use right now and I sadly do not see that changing in the near future so I’m parting it out. Keeping the Unity for another project. (If you really want too buy the complete board PM me before 31st)

I am located in Belgium and willing too ship within Europe.

Drive setup - 60€ - Paris trucks, Meepo style hubs, comes with spare sleeves for the hub motors, bit of rust on the connection between the hubs and the hanger.
Battery - 210€ - 10S3P, Samsung 30q, BMS D239 LiTech, made by @pjotr47 great battery builder, has only around 4 cycles on it
Deck - 90€ - MOV-E, One charger and one Unity button hole drilled in the bottom
Transmitter - 10€- Standard Chinese one, works reliably(No picture yet as I left it in my dorm will go and get it asap)


Placeholder picture untill I make one.


Wow that should be gone quickly.


can we have pic of the underside of the deck?

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Forgot too put one in indeed, this one I have atm on my phone. Need to say this is @rey8801’s desk, I’m not that messy :stuck_out_tongue:


Only while building something :joy:


same haha

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Update: apart from the battery and transmitter everything is reserved atm! If you want too get in line for something PM me.


Okay, only the deck has actually been sold. Battery and drive system are up for sale again.

I would be interested in the drive system but i need to know if i get my board back from the police or not ^^

EDIT : well fuck me then…

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Drive system has been sold.

Sorry dude! Our messages really posted at the exact same moment.

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Interested in the remote🙂
Located in Lille France, juste near Belgium, where are you in Belgium?

Region of Ghent, not super far away but maybe a bit much for a 10euro remote.