[EU] [WTS]Enertion parts, deck, enclosure, wheels, remotes


Updated parts and new prices
All parts are located in Sweden. Willing to ship within EU. Prices are excluding shipping

Raptor 2.0 deck. It’s in okay condition, see pictures, Sold!

Raptor 2.0 enclosure. SOLD
Top, bottom and rubber gasket aswell as screws and the rubber thing for the charger, display and on/off switch. As you can see on the pictures one of the screws has been overtightend which made it crack slightly. The enclosure should fit on the deck I am selling but the rubber gasket does not.

A bunch of wheels.
90mm brand new front wheels. SOLD
90mm slighly used front wheels SOLD
97 mm brand new front wheels. SOLD
90mm outwheels used but not abused. SOLD

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Need prices for all.

Please let me know when edits made and I will re-open. Thanks!


whats wrong with the rubber gasket ?

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That’s the first generation Raptor 2.0 deck. Where they milled a cutout for the enclosure.
The gasket is meant for their raptor 2.05’s (or how should I call them…) where they stopped milling the decks. The gasket is not necessary for this deck. but useful if you want the enclosure on something else


Not sure why you’re asking me intead of seller. Enlighten me?


sry misread stupid me

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No worries!

Thanks for the information! I didn’t know that:)

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No problem, Serviced them for a couple years.
I also mentioned this thread in the International Raptor Riders group on facebook, they’re thirsty for parts like these. GLWS !

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Awesome thanks!:slight_smile:

how much for the deck shipped to belgium? (including enclosure)

Hey, I have already promised the enclosure to someone unfortunately. Are you still interested in the deck?:slight_smile:

Yes i still am! How much for only the deck shipped to Belgium?

I’ll send you a PM

anybody got 90 mm wheels under 100$

Idk why you’re asking here but sickboards does https://www.sickboards.nl/en/longboard-wheels/18941-ollin-popoca-90mm-78a-wheels.html?SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=3

Sadly i checked those out, they are hard… Like the bad wheels from enertion - ive had a few good wheels from enertion and those are far better than the Popoca’s .

In the US there seem to be more 53cm CP 90-97mm wheels with decent rebound and Duro

So far havent found any that ship to europe