[EU] WTS - BattAir Smart Lipo/Liion Plugin 5s/6s

Got 3 of those Lipo Smart plugs left over as i only need 2.

What do they do? They make your LiFe/LiPo/LiHv/ULiHv “sMaRt”
They work with 5s and 6s Batteries.

You connect it to the balance plug of your lipo, it reads the voltage and sends it to the app where you can read it. Works on Android and IOS, requires no account, works with Bluetooth. Now your Fat ass doesn’t need to walk to the board, to read its voltage.

Do you need it if you run your lipos with a LTT Bms? No
Is it a must have? No, it’s a nice to have.
Can it do something else? Yes and no. The module itself can store infos about the Lipo if you enter those in the app and if you use a compatible ITSD charger, plugging in the module transfers all the settings over to the charger so it charges with those settings you’ve entered.

If perfectly fits the existing JST connector of the lipos, and acts as a passthrough if you connect a bms or a charger into it.

There’s also an option to enter max voltage and storage voltage but i am not sure if it send you a notification once it is reached, i haven’t tried it yet.

Price per Plugin in 5€ Plus shipping. Shipping per envelope is like 1 or 2€


1 Sold - 2 Left

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