[EU] WTB MTB Parts

Hi, I’m looking to buy these parts (preferably in the EU)

  • Trampa HS11 15 ply deck (16 ply would also do) [FOUND]
  • MBS F5 Bindings
  • Rockstar 2 Hubs
  • Matrix 2 Metal Trucks
  • 2 x 170KV 6374 Motors
  • MBS Matrix II 63mm Motor Mount
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i’m considering selling my rockstar pros. Not sure yet.

here are 2 sales of trampa decks

the second one isn’t a hs11 deck (i think)

@IDEA has some dope motor mounts depending on your budget.

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Thanks, I DMd the trampa HS11 guy :slight_smile:

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Are you looking to do a bottom or top enclosure ? I’m looking for a HS11 to go top mounted and have a HS11 (16ply) for bottom mounted with an extra idea enclosure.

I am looking for a top mounted enclosure

Thanks for the mention :+1:

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Found anything yet?

Found the deck but still looking for the rest :slightly_smiling_face:

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Btw you can use this code:ESK8BUILD15 in the MBS europe store to get a 15% discount :slight_smile:
Since your setup seems to have mostly mbs parts.

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