(EU )UPDATED Trampa HS11 17 ply with Kaly direct Drive €1500-€2000 shipped

Putting out some feelers…checked my board closet and realized I have 10 boards in various stages and need to clear out some stuff

All these parts were purchased second hand (many second hand new) except the Kaly drive - new never mounted. The motors are new and sexy as fuck.

H11 has a Trampa enclosure w/ 3d printed ends (holes punched in board) and includes a second enclosure option from @IDEA

Superstars come with bearings and the Kaly drive is paired with a matching Trampa truck up front and Ultimate base plates (whatever Trampas lightest plates are called)

Package includes

H11 board - punches for enclosure and one for power/davega
Trampa enclosure
IDEA enclosure
Kaly drive with extra wheel mount (carry a spare)
Vertigo front truck
Superstar wheels with Trampa Thane and bearings/spacers
Vicious grip
Black Trampa Bindings
2x FocBoxes
Set of primo 8 inch pneumatics and tubes

Base price 1500 euros

Add-- ons

You would need a

  1. Flexy battery - Have a 12s4p UNIk flexy I could throw in for either 300 or 400 with DIEBMS it will need some love but only one cycle.

  2. Remote - ( I have an extra, new Hoyt puck…buy this package and it’s yours for 100 euros)

  3. Charger - for whatever size battery you have …I can include one for 12s for 30 euros

  4. Wire connectors lube bits and bobs and know how.

  5. Hypa hubs - 60 euros with board purchase

Stuff is in Spain so EU buyer preferred…



Which ply is the hs11?
Kaly drive is which Version? Already with helical drive?

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Believe it’s 16 ply maybe 17…the Kaly drive is V1 non helical


The 6380 are black or silver? :sweat_smile:
Sorry for that extra questions.

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Black, also have black bindings I can throw in …trampa


Hyperactive esk8 buying tigger >.<

PM incoming


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I’m just gonna drop by and say that this is why photos are required of all items selling :rofl:

Good luck with selling! Looks like a great bit of kit and almost a full board just needing a battery and remote for ~1700. Nice stuff


Uhm just gotta make sure i didnt miss any parts here.

Kaly drive system including motors - 770€ new
Hs11 deck - 240€ new
4x superstars with gummies and bearings - 160€ new
Vertigo truck - 140€
By trampa enclosure your mean the monster box? For some incredibly silly reason that box goes for 350€ new.

All in all this adds up to a retail price of roughly 1660 not including the focboxes, can’t get over the fact that Trampa charges 350€ for a damn box that isn’t even waterproof!

Anyways it’s your sale and all but 1500 seems a little steep considering most of the stuff is also second hand as you say.


Alright, make an offer…also second hand new…look at the wheels.

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Yeah I know will update when home


you said that about 10x this month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:



But someone’s gotta say it and hopefully with time it’ll become common knowledge.


yeah i agree haha. I mean rules are rules within a certain limit but no one sells their car without posting a photo of it haha.
Photos also help a product to be bought quicker imo. Then people can make up their decisions on the spot.

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This has been knawing at me all day.
Here is a breakdown of the costs you over simplifying ass hat.

Prices listed are as new:

Kaly drive new - 450.65 euros
Shipping EU - 60 euros

Torqueboard motors (new second hand) - 243.22 euro
Shipping EU - 35 euro

Trampa board -296 euro
Gummies (new) - 82.75 euros
Vertigo truck (new) - 120 euros
Bottom enclosure with gasket mat -116.65 euro (no longer sold)
Set of superstars with hardware & bearings & primo alpha tire/tube (nubs still on -new) 177.33
Trampa Shipping- 80 euros

Extra enclosure from Idea ( new-) 80 euro

3D printed end caps - custom ~20 euros
Trampa bindings (new)- 100 euros

Grand Total new shipped to you - 1860.55

While yes, many of the parts are second hand, most of those are new. You’ve now pissed me off checking prices and whatnot so the price for you is now 2000 euros and I’m going to add the focboxes as a free bonus for anyone that is not you.

So the rest of you- now you are looking at 2000+ euros of parts shipped to you for 1500. Merry Christmas and happy New year’s bitches.

Selling as package deal…not breaking up yet. Again pictures coming on 31st.


Hey great gear.

Is it not a bit pricey though?


I would end you…


Why is everyone with a Hobbes profile pic so aggressive lol




oh you got me all wrong mate, i was never intending to buy anything. i’m just an “ass hat” as you so kindly put it.

If you take your time and read your own original post and then compare the items you got listed in that post contra the items you put in this post even you should notice a vast difference, for future sales maybe describe what you are actually selling in the first place.

Also cool that you think the shipping from retailers actually contributes to the retail value of the items.

Sarcastic child-like tantrums don’t come off as well in text (mine) Just taking a piss at you with ass hat…near everything you mentioned earlier was true hence the change in deal with more detail. I did appreciate the pointers and knew I was to quick to post the sale. Will include a more detailed post when I get the pictures

To me shipping is a thing…especially when major parts are from US vendors and imports to EU market… There is a reason Chevy’s are fucking stupid expensive here (EU) and BMWs are more costly states side. Or in the board world look at loaded or bustins in EU …I’ll admit Trampa shipping is a stretch…but brexit u know

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