[EU] Trampa, evolve, 3dservisas, tourqeboards parts

-2x Tourqueboards 14T 16mm HTD5M steel pulley NEW

25 euro

2x Trampa 5m 350mm 15mm New- 20euro
2x Omega HP 5M 400mm 15mm - 70km on it - 4 euro
2x Omega 5M 375 mm 15 mm New- 10 euro
3x Omega 5M 400mm 15mm - 20 km on it - gone


I’ll snag that diebie sink


Haha after seeing mine you want it now don’t you :stuck_out_tongue:


What trucks do those mounts fit? I really shouldn’t, but thinking of starting a EMTB build…

Only Trampa spring trucks (mini and normal)

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Im interested in those pulleys!!

Shipping is around 12Euro in eu

Im interested in the trampa motor mounts if you still got them!

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Still in stock :slight_smile:

How much is shipping to the us, 22202 ? Interested in the motor mounts.

If you didn’t sold the mounts yet ill take them. Im in Europe.

First man who do more than a post here ( I mean priv message with information about shipping location) will get them :smiley: